Every time my kids leave the house to spend time with their grandparents, uncles, and aunties in Bulgaria, I suddenly feel motivated to bring order to the whole house, trying to regain the sense of control I used to have before starting a family.

Right after Christmas I had that chance to go through each and every room; to hold each item and determine whether it has a place in our home. If so, where? And how would it be stored or displayed? If it didn’t feel right anymore, I would put it in a box for sale at one of the second-hand stores or on the toss pile. (if you struggle for motivation and how to start re-organiziying your home, watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo Netflix series for inspiration)

It took me about five days to go through our closets, kitchen, pantry, and even the cellar, which has been a total disaster since, well, we moved in a little over 4 years ago. All that work felt truly transformative: I made space to breathe and for new energy to come into the house.

Of course, my wardrobe wasn’t spared from my cleansing spree either, which would usually happen over spring (with a little help from Kathy from Style Etc.,). I’ve now taken to the front of my wardrobe only those essentials that I wear regularly and waved goodbye to some old friends. I let go of the 5-year-old red dress I kept saying I might need again one day. No more holding onto my maternity clothes that are two sizes too big or the pieces I bought ten years ago when I was at such a different stage in my life (pre-kids, pre-business, just trying to fit into a new country and become part of a new culture, feeling confused about who I was).

It was clear to me I couldn’t get rid of everything and suddenly become a minimalist. I’ve worked in fashion far too long to let go of all my favourite designer pieces, but I needed order and I wanted to be able to find my favourite pieces and instantly know how to wear them, mixing and matching, as often as I wanted. The rest I was gonna distribute into labelled boxes. I am sure you can relate, but as a mum I wanted to create an uncomplicated mom-friendly capsule wardrobe that I would use without too much fuss and thinking. And I would finally stop being late for meetings trying ten different outfits before finding the one that works.

In the last few years I’ve made a commitment to wear only pieces that truly feel like me and reflect who I am today: a mom, a business owner, a creative; someone who might be working from home or at a photo shoot.

I’m often the one having to fix things that aren’t working, move furniture around, and carry heavy bags across town. But I’m also someone who attends fancy events and generally wants to feel good in her own skin; someone who prioritises comfort but also quality fabrics and original design.

I need to be able to go out in the morning to meet a client or pitch to a sponsor, then “model” for a shoot, direct a video, play on the floor, or make dinner — all at a moment’s notice, with no time to change in between.

And because I know how busy everyone’s lives have become and how many roles we women have been taking on lately (#sidehustlers #supermoms #creatives #goaldigger #womeninbusiness), I decided to share a post with you about my 5 go-to looks this February that are fashionable and yet easy and comfortable to wear, versatile, and kind of timeless.

  1. Oversized sweaters are still on trend this season and I personally find them oh so versatile, comfy, and cosy. However, this one comes with a warning: Oversized sweaters and slouchy looks are meant for tall people. They can look sexy and chic when made from quality fabric and can be paired with slim trousers, boyfriend jeans, cropped leather pants, and a pair of high heels. If you want to keep it casual, combine them with sneakers to look fashionable yet down to earth. Another styling tip is to create a monochromatic head-to-toe look — very elegant!

2. Pulling off one-tone dressing. Quite frankly,one-hue dressing is an art and when pulled off well you can look taller, more elegant, and sophisticated. This season I’ve been wearing either all black or beige, cream, and off-white looks. The key is to choose a colour that suits you! Be careful with black — mix your textures to avoid too-harsh looks. Meanwhile, delicate colours like white, ivory, and cream are perfect for demonstrating an elegant taste in  You may have noticed on your Instagram feed that head-to-toe beige and brown tones are back in style. This “new” trend nods to a whole new lifestyle and a different culture of consumerism — minimalistic chic and a tendency to go back to nature. My tip is to start with soft hues!

3. Black and white never go out of fashion — just look at Karl Lagerfeld and Gabrielle Chanel. For me, this is the go-to combo that always works and indicates you are a reliable person who knows the rules of the game. It is a combination I return to before every business meeting, especially when I have little time and feel stuck on what to wear. However, last year I also invested in a couple of smart, coloured blazers that I can throw on top of any “boring” white-shirt-and-black-pant look. This easy update suggests you are open-minded and creative, but still reliable!

4. Leather pants are the best for any mama who’s afraid of leaving a spaghetti sauce stain on her work uniform. I’ve got 6 pairs of them and they feel like a second skin. If you are against using leather, try Stella McCartney’s faux leather pants — I love them! Only one tip I can offer here: wear them mostly in winter to make sure you can actually get out of them, in case you get sweaty! And think of other colours besides black — burgundy or olive green for example.

5. The knit dress is the easiest winter wardrobe solution for every busy mama. There are a myriad of options for every body type. I personally love the simple and feminine silhouette of a midi rib knit dress. I can wear it in so many ways — with a sweater on top; with a leather jacket and knee-high boots; with a short, faux fur coat or even a blazer for a friendly office environment. As I mentioned right at the beginning of this article, I want to be able to mix and match all my favourite pieces and wear them on repeat, without necessarily looking the same from one day to another. Knit dresses fit the bill perfectly and there are plenty of styles to choose from: long-sleeved, turtleneck, off-the-shoulder, sweater dresses… I personally don’t know any woman who wouldn’t like to have a one-and-done chic winter solution. The knit dress is here to stay for a long time because of its casual appeal and sensual touch!

Finally, I started a wardrobe challenge in order to be able to look at my wardrobe more creatively and let go of the boredom that sometimes settles in mid-season. So once I chose my favourite 6–7 winter pieces I started playing with them, adding different shoes and accessories, experimenting with looks, paying attention to how I felt and the impression I want to be making.

I hope you are inspired to bring some ORDER to your wardrobe and home. And more importantly a capsule wardrobe that works for the current lifestyle you have. I promise it will make you super energised and a lot more excited about what you wear daily. Dressing should not feel like a struggle; it should be fun and is supposed to make you feel good about yourself! Just remember that!

All pieces I wear are available at Shop my Wardrobe.