by Tsitaliya Mircheva & Anna Streule

As we get older, has it ever occurred to you to start dressing differently? Not because you feel like you are different, but simply because you are of “a certain age”? We here at Mums in Heels clearly think this is nonsense, but we also understand that getting older can also mean finally finding yourself and finally finding your style. No one embodies this better than our very dear friend and partner Kathy Patellis-Schmidt, who is a personal stylist and the founder of Style-Etc.

You see her and you seethe style. But what is even more fascinating about Kathy is that she is approachable. She talks the talk but she also walks the walk. She is all about empowering women and her primary way of doing so, is by helping women regain their confidence through what they wear and the way they see themselves in the mirror every day.

Kathy has been working as a stylist for the past 10 years. She studied Fashion Merchandising and Design and later Interior Design. After raising her daughter who now also works in fashion in NYC, Kathy felt the urge to finally do something for herself, something that would make her really happy and fulfilled, and would make sense to her using her skills and passion. Working with Kathy is an exciting and uplifting experience. She is fun, smart and has an immediate instinct for what a woman would need to elevate her style. I’ve seen her transform so many women, mainly changing the way they think of themselves and their own worth when they look in the mirror.

Today we are asking Kathy 10 questions about her personal style, her favourite pieces to buy this season and the new holiday style.

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Tsitaliya: What’s your first thought when putting a look together? Where do you start?

Kathy: For me , approaching a new private client starts with a good chat. It is important to know their personalty because I really believe Style is the reflection of a persons character.
I need to know what image they would like to portray in their professional life. What kind of occassions cause them the most stress. Most importantly, what does it feel like to confront your closet everyday? And what kind of change are they hoping to enact by going through this process.

Tsitaliya: How has your style evolved over the years?

Kathy: My style is sometimes very mood orientated. Some days timeless and classic other days very rock and roll.

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Tsitaliya: What most inspires your style?

Kathy: I absolutely love street style, especially in cities like Paris, London and New York. I am inspired by how women put pieces together with such creativity.

Tsitaliya: What are your top 3 wardrobe essentials?

Kathy: A good quality blazer, a biker leather jacket, and good fitting trousers.

Tsitaliya: What new season trends will you be working into your Winter 2018 wardrobe?

Kathy: The season trend I love this fall is, patent leather, It is everywhere; In shoes boots gloves even trench coats. It is dominating the fashion scene this year.

Tsitaliya: Working with so many women on their personal style and helping them declutter their closets what is it that modern women want today?

Kathy: The women who I meet and work with often struggle and feel frustrated with their wardrobes and their own style. They feel like they do not have any particular style. What they want to have created is s specific style for them, associated with something that makes feel different but subtle.  Creating your own Personal Style is about discovering who you are and most importantly what you like about yourself. Nothing affects the coarse of our lives so much as the state of our minds. But many of us neglect the key role our clothing can take in changing our mindset.

Tsitaliya: In terms of style what is the best advice you have ever received?

Kathy: Believe in what you do and trust in yourself.

Tsitaliya: For those who have “nothing to wear” but have wardrobes full of clothes, what is the one advice you can share?

Kathy: EDIT AND GET RID of things regularly. People can get stuck in a rut with certain style rules they have set for themselves.

Tsitaliya: If you had to invest in one piece this season what would that piece be?

Kathy: An Evening Piece, in sumptuous silks or glistening metallics. All in the spotlight this season.

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