Fashion and the Woman I Wanted to Become

By |Published On: May 15th, 2017|

People often mistake me for a fashion blogger because I like to post images of myself in cool clothes. In fact, Mums in Heels is not about fashion that much, it is about a mindset. Bear with me on this one. As we grow more mature we are constantly refining our image, because we have a lot more to say and share with the world and because we change, which of course is only natural. But think back to the time when you were a teenager and actually had principles, when you thought you would never change and most certainly never turn in to your parents. Yeah right?! Well no, because at the end of the day life is bigger than us and the only way we can make a difference is if we manage to change in the direction we want, not the one set by the people around us. Of course, that’s hard, but fashion often gives us a great way to communicate what we think even if we don’t want to say it loud and thus sound rude or unapologetic. What we rarely realize is that fashion and style often work on subconscious levels and while we may think nobody pays attention, we also know that we pay attention, we notice. There need not be any judgment involved, simply a simply a subconscious nod, a mental high five.

So whether you are a free spirit or you desire recognition and approval, we all express it through what we wear. And what we wear affects the way we think of who we are. Our wardrobes affect our emotional state of mind and our personal success, but of course, you already knew that.

So the prism we show fashion through is the modern woman and how she feels about herself, her dreams, her lifestyle. This is what affects her choices of what to wear and buy. How important she is in her own eyes and what she dreams of? What sense does she make out of her life and how comfortable is she in her own skin? Everything is a reflection and fashion is actually showing exactly this: the zeitgeist.

So what is fashion showing today about the modern woman? As you can see there are no rules in fashion these days, which means that the modern woman is much harder to define today. Fashion is reflecting a confident woman who doesn’t care about rules much and is quite rebellious, with a unique point of view. Fashion is reflecting a woman who doesn’t care about perfectionism and doing things right, but rather doing things her way…even beauty is being lost on this same way and there are no universal principles any more about what beautiful is or isn’t. It is really about making a mark on your own life that shows to you and those around you that you are special and beautiful. But what happens when there are so many other special people around you? I guess then you just start wearing a hoodie, right? Just another way fashion reflects the zeitgeist…

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About the Author: Tsitaliya Mircheva

Tsitaliya is a writer and fashion journalist for more than 20 years. She founded Mums in Heels 10 years ago and keeps growing and evolving together with her community or fashionable mums and responsible consumers. Fashion and Wellness are her most favourite topics to write about.