About Mums in Heels

Hello. Have we met? Let us introduce ourselves.

There’s been much discussion lately about what’s becoming of Mums in Heels. One thing is for sure –we’ve been hustling hard over the last year to evolve something that was once a traditional fashion blog into a new kind of creative and exciting talented women’s space where there’s a certain sense of adventure, originality and the promise of self-discovery.

Since Tsitaliya started her Style Diaries blog four years ago many things have changed and mostly she has evolved (or at least that’s how she would like to feel). It’s not that she became wiser or more experienced, but rather more clear on her WHY-s and HOW-s. In a nutshell:

  • As much as Tsitaliya loves fashion she also cares about social issues, women’s talent and determination shaping their own lives.
  • As much as Tsitaliya wants people to pay attention to fashion for the zeitgeist it symbolises and the escapism everyone wants in their lives, she also feels that same fashion world and the media can make women feel fat, poor, guilty, ugly and tasteless.
  • As much as Tsitaliya loves fashion for the design, creativity, colour and the self-love, she also can’t take it any more seeing skinny pretty people in outfits that cost twenty times as much as what she has in her savings account right now.
  • At the end Mums in Heels wants to show you that fashion is not that serious and you shouldn’t take yourself so seriously…

This is why Tsitaliya took a sudden turn to Mums in Heels to celebrate and admire true and honest womanhood, flair for creativity and prominent personality. Here at Mums in Heels we believe that every woman has her own talent and wisdom and we try to share it with the world in the most surprising and beautiful way.

Why Mums in Heels

Mums is a word we use not necessarily for mothers, but for women with true intelligence and emotional maturity.

Heels stands for standing tall and proud of who you are, being in charge of your life. Heels stands for leaders and trendsetter.

Mums in Heels wants to befriend you on your way of becoming your own idol. Fashion doesn’t have to be overwhelming and you don’t have to own all the new trendy pieces. Feeling fabulous is possible… Sometimes your inside will have to catch up with the outside, but that’s alright, once you learn to do the trick… stick with us.

We’re all about keeping you updated and inspired, in control of your life and destiny, so you can feel empowered as you endure your journey to success.

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