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By |Published On: August 4th, 2016|

Anna on Iconic Women:

At Mums in Heels, we love our female icons. Actually, we adore them! Our icons are part of our zeitgeist village of grown-up girls where we re-write the rules of motherhood, self-love, and luxury style.

Our female icons pursue their dreams despite obstacles. They “aim high when others go low” (to quote one very classy and iconic First Lady!). They make no excuses for their focus and drive. And our icons always have each other´s backs.

As a Mums in Heels icon, you are simply the best version of yourself. You do not try to mold or morph yourself into someone you are not.

Yes. One can always strive to be better, but one can also simply do one´s best. And one must always remember, that even during the most “authentic moments” in our lives as iconic Mums in Heels, we can endure them with sass, class and panache.

Tsitaliya on Iconic Living:

Wouldn’t it be cool if every single day we faced big opportunities, could fly with helicopters to meet inspiring people like Dalai Lama and be in life transforming experiences that could change our lives? What if every day was a Red Carpet day and we had finally achieved our next goal?

Guess what, it’s not. Every day is just that: It’s every day. But what counts and propels us forward are the little steps we make, the little wins out of struggles and the people who stand on our side every minute and every hour.

Iconic living for me means when you apply the same attitude you would apply to big important events to your every day tasks. Because it is not about circumstances, it is about attitude and being able to find inspiration in the daily life.

Iconic living means that you are the type of woman who takes life by the balls, without waiting for the perfect moment or the better job, the more money or the right partner, and you do not waver in your beliefs, but start being the boss of your own life now, no matter the risks you take and the mistakes you make.

Becky on Iconic Women and Moments

My list of icons gets longer and longer with each day I am on this planet.  From the book report I did on Oprah in the third grade, to the memories I have of my grandmother, to getting the chance to watch my daughter grow, these are three important ones that come to mind.  They all embody this zest for life, this want to help others, this connection to spirit, this undeniable uniqueness & creativity that make them people I watch and aspire to be more like everyday.   For Oprah, it is her ability to “mother” an entire nation and to break through the stereotypes that may exist for African American women and women, to build a successful business and a large audience that want to hear about what she is doing and what she is talking about.  For my grandmother, it was her ability to raise six children with very little money and no husband alive to help.  These children grew up to hold a very high moral code because of her example.  And man, was she funny and a lady no one could beat at Scrabble!    My daughter because she truly embraces each moment with a pep in her step and a brightness in her eyes that sparkles.  She falls (a lot) but she gets up.  Smiling.

Everyday I try to build iconic moments, those moments where I am truly present and enjoying my life exactly as it is at this very moment.  I am not wishing my pants were looser, or my dishes were done before I can relax or before I am content. I am letting go in whatever I am doing.  As I build on iconic moments, I strive to transform into my own icon.  A version of myself that I have met, that I know exists, and that I whole heartedly love and hold dear.  In moments, she flies.

I believe we all have her somewhere inside.  Iconic Living is listening to her, getting to know her, loving her…..one iconic moment at a time.  It is not external perfection, it is having abundance in your heart.

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