Happy Women’s Day Girls!

As we celebrate being a woman and all the loveliness that comes with it, I wanted to open up and let you in on a little secret.

Many friends have been asking me where do I get the energy to do all that I do. My little secret lies in my self-care routine and my daily practice of taking care of myself which allows me the energy to take care of my household, run my blog and business, and exercise daily. We can so often get caught up in the speed of the times and the responsibility that comes with being a mum that we never step off the hamster wheel. And the key to stepping off, is that it provides rest, recharge and clarity that your body NEEDS daily. Doctors have been prescribing exercise for years but when do you hear them say make sure you take some time each day to yourself? It may seem like common sense……but let’s look at how fast paced life has become with technology! Maybe in today’s world, doctors should be saying when was the last time you sat down or stepped away from a screen?

Sometimes I think I am just that type of person, I am a doer, I am dynamic, I am curious. I am an explorer and a bit of an adventurer. Plus I love everything I do. I also happen to love chocolate, which also gives me abundant energy.

On the other hand since I was 20 I have been following a pretty healthy routine and lifestyle that has had positive cumulative effects on my well-being and I wonder how much of my energetic prowess comes from part lifestyle and part personality. I have always enjoyed eating salads and drinking green smoothies, even 20 years ago believe it or not, when people used to raise an eyebrow with a bemused skeptical smile at what I was putting in my body…..

Since I was a kid I suffered restlessness and could not fall asleep at night. My family doctor prescribed me with weekly classes in a Taekwondo group at school to help improve my sleep. Later I trained in a team for synchronized swimming and ever since I have been doing something:

Spinning classes at 26

Running at 30

Bootcamp and yoga at 40

So when I came across the Super Elixir Alkalizing Greens, run by former supermodel Elle Macpherson it made complete sense to me to try it out. It’s been a year now and every morning I start my day with a smoothie made out of the Super Elixir. I usually follow my own recipe adding spinach, blueberries, frozen acai, bananas or other vegetables and fruits available in my fridge and blend it all together with coconut water.

I have to say it is one of those rare things I have committed to for more than a year and truly believe it has had positive effects on my health. Because of my curious nature I always like to try new things, changing my skin care brands and supplements, but not the Super Elixir. It is a game changer. I truly enjoy and feel the miraculous effects of the super elixir, the protein powder, and the sleeping tea. Yet, I hope you understand that one glass of smoothie in the morning can’t change your life. What changes your life is your mindfulness and care for your body and how you feel through out the day, knowing your body, your personality, and following your joy. What can make a change is consistent and dedicated daily practice of honoring your body and supporting it as we get older, wiser, and more in tune with what our body is telling us.

The Super Elixir for me is a commitment to my self-care, it is my “me-time” every morning and part of my intention to stay authentic and true to my values. Yet I know it is only the first step and there is no point at which you stop taking care of yourself. Because by taking care of myself, I have more energy to give to my family, my business, and those around me in my daily life.

I hope on this day you stay committed to your personal goals and your daily routine for a healthy body and mind. Find out more about the Super Elixir here.