Is there such a thing as authentic business

By |Published On: August 16th, 2016|
Be authentic

Did you know that the latest buzz word in the world of marketing and branding is “Authenticity”?

As an entrepreneur that word plays a special part in my life. Just like me, many other women leave a corporate job so they can feel that they are more connected and true to their own authentic selves, serving their own dreams and passions. Unfortunately its’ quite easy to starting serving what others want and lose focus from where your dreams are taking you.

It could be that we want to please every client, we seek for admiration and appreciation, for more clients and being afraid of criticism makes us change the dream, adjust it to the world of business. Was that meant to happen?

Another challenge for entrepreneurs is the outside noise. There are so many experts with so much advice out there and there are so many friends and people who want to tell you their opinion. In the middle of this noise its is so easy to lose the feeling of which road to take, but what’s important is to realise there is no right or wrong way. There is the way of what you want and what feels right for you. There are so many opportunities out there that you might feel you are missing. But the truth is not every opportunity is for us and not every client is ours.

My mother once told me people can forgive you everything as long as they feel you are authentic….

So what is authenticity after all?

“Authentic” is derived from the Greek authentikós, which means “original.” But original can mean an original prick, so what appeals to me is more the philosophical definition of the word… “being faithful to internal rather than external ideas.”  In philosophy of art, “authenticity” describes the perception of art as faithful to the artist’s self, rather than conforming to external values such as historical tradition, or commercial worth.

What you perceive as faithful to you is what matters, what speaks to you is what what’s right and at the same time a pinch of wisdom and the experience you’ve gathered in life can guard you from not to following every mood or every whim of your heart. I know many are judged by how many followers we have or how much money we make, but the worth and authenticity are hiding elsewhere. As an entrepreneur and a mom, as a human it’s important to find that part of your life and reflect it in your business. Then you will attract the right tribe.

Being perceptive of who I am, and honouring who I am, can go a long way.

In business, and in life as well, being authentic also means attracting the right people and the ideal clients.

“Consumers believe, until they’re shown otherwise, that every brand is governed by an ulterior motive: to sell something. But if a brand can convincingly argue that its profit-making is only a by-product of a larger purpose, authenticity sets in.” says Bill Breen, in a 2004 Fast Company article.

Successful brands don’t just sell a product, they sell an identity too.

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