5 secrets to build a stylish mum wardrobe

By |Published On: May 6th, 2021|

We live in a time when traditional concepts and social norms are constantly challenged, when people, and especially women, are becoming the writers of their own story and the captains of their own life. I’m quite proud observing stylish mums who are breaking the fashion norms around how they ‘should’ look or what they ‘should’ wear.

Being one of those stylish mums on a mission to make motherhood look and feel chic, sophisticated and more than anything sassy and independent, I wanted to share with you a few ideas which will hopefully ignite your desire to develop an unapologetic individual style that celebrates your unique nature and beauty!

So here are my 5 secrets on how to build a stylish mum wardrobe:

  1. Organize your wardrobe around your new lifestyle. First of all there are some inevitable changes that come with motherhood, especially when it comes to your social calendar and of course your body shape. It’s likely you’re not going to be hitting night clubs or cocktail parties like you used to, and your body will take some time to adjust back to its normal size as well. So, you may have to rethink your wardrobe and your sequin garments, cropped tops and tight jeans. However, I wouldn’t throw out those beloved LBDs! Instead keep them at the back of your wardrobe for later. When I think back to those first years of becoming a mum, I remember wearing a lot of maxi boho dresses, which I would pair with suede boots and a hat, or for a date night with my husband a more feminine wrap dress. For me staying at home didn’t mean wearing flannel pyjamas all day long. Instead I would choose a favourite linen kimono to throw over an easy slip-on dress, or leggings and a slouchy sweater. The key is to wear something that makes you feel good; something that reminds you that you’re still YOU even when you’re going through so many changes in life and your daily routine! As an example, when my daughter was born, around the house I would wear my jean shorts and a statement t-shirt that made me feel like a girl and reminded me that my life is still full of potential.

2. Invest in quality vs. quantity. Becoming a mum eventually brings to a stop your Friday hauls at Zara, simply because you stop going out every Friday night! Or maybe you just become a much more responsible consumer who starts thinking of savings and pension plans. You also start to realise that the smaller your wardrobe is, the easier getting dressed in the morning becomes. Observing one of my absolute favourite style icons, Victoria Beckham, I’ve realised that even simple and minimalistic pieces that are good quality and design, can create a very pulled- together look that feels luxurious and elegant. Don’t forget higher-quality garments can handle being washed and worn time and time again and they still look good.

White skirt PDR stylish mum uniform

3. Create a style uniform. Let’s look at some of the most stylish women in fashion history. Jane Birkin gave blue jeans and tees a new name and became known for her straw basket, which she accessorized her outfits with for an entire year. No-one would blame her for wearing the same look over and over again. What about Bianca Jagger and her white ensembles, sharp blazers and high-wasted pants? Or Carolina Herrera who became known for her collection of crisp white shirts. Find what fits and flatters your skin type and body shape. Wear what feels and represents you best, and wear it over and over again. Once you feel confident in this style life becomes easier on the many occasions when you have to leave the house quickly for your next appointment.

4. A Stylish Mum wardrobe doesn’t mean boring! Even when you’ve created a style uniform you don’t have to look or feel boring. You can always throw a classic scarf in with your uniform, or a new pair of shoes! Another way of keeping mum style effortlessly chic and exciting is by pairing vintage pieces and second hand finds with current edgy accents. Take as an example stylish mum Nicole Richie who’s often seen pairing a distressed denim, a bold blouse and oversized sunnies. Or another favourite look of mine is a simple t-shirt, denim and a long duster. Because she’s a mother of two, comfort and practicality is always at the forefront. My point is not to give up on fashion. The latest trend might not work in your wardrobe, but you can create your own modern look and feel fashionable and elegant as well.

  1. Organise your shoe shelves. For a long time after becoming a mum I didn’t want to give up my high heels. But at some point I had to make space for several pairs of flat shoes, sneakers and a long walk in the rain boots. It’s very important for any stylish mum to have at hand a good variety of shoes for every occasion. And, to have them on display so she doesn’t end up looking for the right pair last minute with a screaming child on her hip. So be sure to organise your shoes and have them easily accessible to pull from your wardrobe. Once I had my kids I started paying a lot more attention to shoes, comfort and the structure of my look. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received on style, is to start organising my look around my choice of shoes for the day.


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