The Sustainable Winter Coat, all time best investment

By |Published On: January 10th, 2021|
Winter Coat

To discuss Winter Coat Trends this season doesn’t make much sense, does it? However,  what I find relevant to talk about are sustainable winter coats made of recycled fabrics, winter layering and styling even in a time when many of us have made it a priority to stay at home, safe and sound to avoid catching the flu, or worse corona. In such a time even more relevant to me seems to highlight timeless winter style, how can we achieve it and build a wardrobe of more sustainable iconic pieces in our wardrobe without trying so hard. 

Truth be told, If I tried to describe how these “Corona times” have influenced my style I can only describe it as becoming more eclectic, bohemian and nostalgic. I’ve started wearing all my favourite pieces at once, layering them and creating socially unconventional looks, which feel very natural. It’s odd, considering none of us have been very social in the past 10 months.

I feel being forced to spend more time at home and not being able to travel, has awoken the nomad in me and nomadic style is all about mixing without matching, layering and choosing oversized pieces. In other words my has started to reflect more the inner yearning for freedom, for traveling and simply living more with every breath that I take.

Belle Ikat Coat

If you’re not familiar with nomadic style, it developed as a result of the nomads and gypsies travelling often. They would constantly travel from one place to another, which meant it was necessary to travel light. This led to wearing a variety of clothing layers that could be well adapted to different environments. A combination of these layers created an iconic nomadic, ethnic visual look and feel. 

It might feel like the meaning of trends are lost in the times of this pandemic, as most of us have nowhere to go. This explains the nostalgic feeling, as we search through our closets to use some of our favourite pieces, things we already have. The pandemic has stirred up a wealth of emotions, and while style and trends may seem like they don’t mean anything during this time, it is actually a time to be inspired to create, re-create, recycle and to be grateful for the things we already have. Despite the turbulent times we have all had to face this year, I’ve drawn inspiration from people like Olga Mul, a fashion designer who I found thanks to my work with By Adushka. 

Olga Mul is based in Italy, a work from home mum who in the times of pandemic started reusing old sofas fabrics and other clothes to make her sustainable handcrafted coats.

Olga Mul winter coat

I found her thanks to my recent work with By Adushka as we share the same passion for craftsmanship, storytelling and eclectic bohemian style. 

It is a beautiful thought that even if we can’t travel as often as we would like during this pandemic, we can express our desire to see the world around us through the things we wear, or the trends that we can choose to keep alive. 

Even more so, I recognise in Olga Mul’s sustainable coats a reflection of our humanity sense of belonging to the planet Earth, a sense of peace, heritage and connection between each other.

As for styling Olga Mul’s coats – I’ve always loved layering and I am the kind who loves wearing all my favourite wardrobe pieces in one look. Especially now when there is nowhere to go and dress up for. So here are a few tips and ideas to share with you about sustainable winter coats styling and layering: