We are super excited to share with you some of the best expert advice on one of the hottest women’s topics on the planet: HORMONES.

Everything that happens in women’s lives is blamed on their hormones: tired or energetic, happy or not, gaining or losing weight, fighting or loving our partner. The answer hides in our hormone imbalances, but how much do we truly and honestly know about our hormones?

When you think about it it seems like we own that body, but someone else holds the reigns on what’s happening inside. As a result, we behave like victims of what hormones impose on us and we think there is no way I can change the current status quo… well there is.
We can change how we feel, we can handle our emotions and stress properly, as long as we start knowing our body.

Today we are meeting Audrey Sourroubille to ask her how is that possible? Just watch and learn…

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