A great fashion show is truly unforgettable. Months of preparation and anticipation culminate in a few spectacular minutes that set the tone for a new season of trends and style. I’ve seen the effect and influence that fashion shows have over the audience, I’ve seen the exaltation, the thrill and the tears of joy. That’s what makes me think that despite being questioned, live-streamed and Instagrammed by every member of the audience, nothing quite compares to being at a fashion show in person.

In the last decade, fashion shows are morphing slowly into an entertainment industry, but the Swiss Fashion Platform Mode Suisse still remains focused strictly on fashion and what designers have to say.

Before that changes, I decided to lift the veil and show you the hard work, the enthusiasm and devotion happening behind closed doors. I hope you enjoy this short documentary and leave us a comment with questions and thoughts!

Mode Suisse is an industry platform promoting collaboration between fashion designers and schools, the textile industry, retail market, media and other fashion-related industry players. Mode Suisse presents, interconnects and discusses Swiss fashion at shows, in showrooms and panel discussions. The semi-annual events staged in Geneva and Zurich are targeted primarily at an expert audience, but also at amateur fashion lovers. In addition, Mode Suisse is an adviser to Swiss designers and a door-opener for appearances at international fashion weeks and events.