Fall’s Fairy Tales

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The sales are almost over and I’ve had enough of spending on summer clothing (in fact I’ve hit the pause on summer shopping in June). So back in the city after a few days of getting back to the routine a sudden wave of melancholy or boredom hit me and I started looking for a kick of adrenaline. What’s easiest thing to do? Use my credit card for an amazing pair of shoes and the one piece that stuck to my mind for months, even though I tried to brush off many times off my mind.

“Frailty, thy name is woman!”


So my question is what is your Fall’s story? I’ve always been very curious about how women make a choice when buying, especially when you have to buy one or two pieces, which will cost you a lot but you know you want to invest in those particular garments. I know you may be thinking of your already existent wardrobe, of your style, of your lifestyle too, but let’s say you are not that practical and conformist and just like me you are mad about fashion and you like to re-invent your own story many times in your life finding what a huge universe you are as a woman….How do you decide?

I know this is a difficult question and everyone has their own process of decision making, but for me when I buy something I always try to feel a tiny bit of history or tell some kind of story, even if it a current mood. Fashion for me really triggers my imagination and I can travel in my mind not just this Earth.


For me dressing is part of a whole theatre, it is very similar to making my own screen play and I have a role to fulfil.

In fact did you know that psychologist have that trick to help people solve a problem: you have to take part in your own life staged as a play and you have other people playing “you” so it becomes easier for yourself to see things from a different perspective. It is very similar to children learning through playing.

This explains my reason why this coming fall I have been so deeply captured by the stories and the looks of Alber Elbaz for Lanvin (the ultimate magician of fashion) who plays with emotions and intuition so skilfully that sometimes I have the spontaneous urge to write him a love letter. Alber Elbaz likes to say:

“Fashion is a human story,” and the best he does with his latest collection is that he shows a woman who is adventurous and likes to indulge, who doesn’t let go, who pursues her happiness and dreams and who lives her life to the fullest. His dresses remind me of the Russian fairy tales that my grandmother used to tell me in winter and this is how I always imagined the Snow queen and Vassilissa the Beautiful.

Lanvin AW 2016
Lanvin AW 2016 2
Lanvin AW 2016 3
Lanvin AW 2016 4

All photos from Vogue.co.uk and Fashionising.com

To be continued…

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