It’s true: We don’t always agree.
Different politics. Different priorities.
But it doesn’t mean we have to be divided.
This year, let’s celebrate being
100% Human. Together.


I love this year’s EVERLANE campaign and message of tolerance. I also love their promise to donate 5 USD from every t-shirt sold to the American Civil Liberties Union.

In an age where “unique” is the headline of almost every marketing campaign, and individualism has been on the rise for centuries turning in one of the top values of the most entitled and self-absorbed generation – the millennials, the San Francisco based fashion brand Everlane is striking a cord by reminding us that before we are different we are human, and we better focus on what unites us rather than what divides us. Their message is both political and social and one of the most succinct and direct ones I have recently come upon. It speaks to keeping our egos in check for the sake of unity and honoring each other’s journey and right to be equal, right to chose a different path or belief without judgement and hate. We don’t have to be the same, but acceptance and appreciation for our differences, unites us all as human beings.

Another piece from our June Mood board are figs. These little delicious somewhat wrinkly mouth size bundles of sweetness are one of my favorite fruits. Figs transport me to childhood memories involving lush fig trees and ahhh-mazing fig jam sold by old ladies in the narrow streets of Sozopol. Figs remind me of late summer nights, Art festivals in Bulgaria, live jazz concerts, and poetry shared with friends in the backyard of a Piano Bar by the beach. The recipes are endless and they are sure to bring bliss to the taste buds.

I’ve also recently become a handmade chocolate connoisseur and thus I want to share this deliciously rich fig and wild orange raw chocolate by the Australian brand Pana Chocolate. They are dairy free, raw, organic, gluten free and handmade. You can buy them at Jelmoli market but as I tell you about them I must also add a disclaimer, they are addictive.

And as you know here at Mums in Heels, we share a great passion for handmade artisanal pieces (not just chocolate) with great stories to tell and made with compelling devotion. So when I came upon a Zurich (?) designer who is a gorgeous young woman, with a free spirit and bold heart, lives in Switzerland and Ghana, and has the vision to spread the beauty of Ghanaian craftmanship and culture abroad, I decided it is a must to share for my readers. Her dresses are to die for. I just purchased the Universe dress (and they are all very affordable!) so follow us on Instagram to make sure you see it. Kathryn works on a limited design collection of fashion and interior pieces, all sustainable, all produced in Ghana for her label. Soon we will be sharing more of her story on the blog. Stay tuned. She has a new project coming up this September!

Another piece worth mentioning, and you see it on our Mood Board as well, is the Mola Sasa bag. It is hand-crafted by artisan women of the Kuna (or Guna) indigenous communities of Panama and Colombia who use the finest Molas. Molas are decorative apparel fabrics made by applying cut out layers of fabric on top of each other. Each fabric is the particular design of the artisan woman that carefully works on it. The more layers, the more fine the Mola. There are some amazing vintage Molas used for these gorgeous statement pieces. Buy one bag and be part of our passion here at Mums in Heels– supporting, preserving and encouraging artisanal traditions.

And finally the shoes: it’s time we take off those high heels and enjoy the fab Sam Edelman satin flats, ballet inspired, and a sassy reminder of performing arts. We can take off the pressure, slip our hard worked tootsies into these flats, and enjoy dancing anytime we want…. late into these upcoming starry summer nights.

Enjoy the summer and stay #iconic & #human