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By |Published On: April 18th, 2016|

By Tsitaliya Mircheva and Martina Wismer
In partnership with our friends from Mad Hairstyling

Coco Chanel once said that a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. When you think about it, a truly amazing cut is able to change your life. For a starter you go to the hairdresser and after the experience your whole posture and self-esteem kind of upgrade. Compared to a pair of shoes, or even a coat—you’re going to wear the haircut more often and every single outfit can look better on you. So think twice before you make your next appointment at the coiffeur and in the meantime find some inspo from a few taste-makers we’ve been turning our heads after:

Upgrade your braid 

Summer is coming and because we wanna keep it cool in the city, we found the best way to get rid of the hair mess on a hot summer day? Braiding is upgraded especially now when the bomber jacket is back in fashion as well. It looks like urban girls care less than ever and they want to keep it simple and effortless. Get creative and skip the ponytail, choosing two cool long braids looking like a double trouble or a long one with an S shape along the hairline. Another update is the Twell going from one side diagonally along the head.

Purple ombre and blue pastel hair 2016

Blue and Purple Pastel color shades 

It seams the pastel hair color trend is here to stay and this season it’s turning into blue and purple shades. However, don’t try this at home, better talk to your stylist first and keep in mind maintaining is not easy. We strongly recommend using Olaplex for bleaching. It will make the hair stronger while having the bleach on. Using Olaplex nr. 3 at home between chemical services at the salon will strengthen your hair. Use color toner every 3-4 weeks to fresh up the color. All these pastel tons tend to fade quickly.

The pixie the buzz 2016

The Buzz (Pixie) 

Cutting long hair into a Pixie or even a buzz (shave off everything) is still the biggest trend. Stars like Charlize Theron and Emma Watson are the perfect examples of this edgy chic hairstyle. You can create your own unique look by leaving the fringes longer or shaving the sides extreme short. Using various products for a wet look to dry makes it fun to play around with a pixie.


Short Bangs 

Short fringes seem to be everywhere these days, may be because they look good on any length. They are fun to play with: straight, round or clipped you always rock with short fringes.

short edgy bangs Mad hairstyling


The Lob is a trend that will hold strong throughout this year. It looks natural and so easy to maintain. It suits all faces and all hair types and textures. We recommend you to give the Lob a hint of color for overall more effective look. If you wanna keep it messy and a bit bohemian use a beach effect spray or a volume booster from «La Biosthètique». For a smoother glamlook use Straighforward from «Shu Uemura» which is a timesaving Blow Dry Perfector.

The Lob Alexa Chung

(A note from the editor) Martina Wismer (the co-writer of this article) is a professional hairstylist who works at MADHAIRSTYLING and a trainer for professionals in mad ACADEMY. She also does special trainings for JOICO and is part of the creative trainer team for the «Artist Pool by Intercoiffure Suisse».

Before MADHAIRSTYLING Martina worked for three years in London for a global coiffeur chain. She is not just a hairdresser, she is a friend, a trusted stylist and a witty creative person. She works hard but enjoys very much teaching young professionals the latest trend techniques of haircolour and cuts. She works in mad ART on Zweistrasse 22.

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