By Becky Clifford

There are many things I love about the fall – the pretty colorful leaves, the beginning of the holiday season, the cozy fires and wool blankets, the Christmas balls display in the Migros lawn shop at Zugerland, and the overall joyfulness and spirit in the air at holiday time. However, sometimes when I awake I am drawn to what I see in the mirror first. The sun’s kisses and days at the lake are behind me this year and I notice a drier, duller side to my skin. Becoming a mom may cause a lot of hormonal changes in your body that you may not be aware of. But even if you can’t see the changes, you can feel them, because they show on your skin, your body, and even your mood. So how do I start my day on the right foot? Beside brushing my teeth, I need to find time to pamper and nurture a healthy skin. 


Some may have the opinion this is vanity. I have heard people say being a mom is a selfless job. You give everything you have to your children and to grow them into amazing people. And while I agree that it is the most selfless role I have taken on in life thus far, I also believe self-care enables you to care more for your children. I believe if you can find those moments to fill your own cup up, then that love can be poured into the relationships you have with your children, husband, friends, coworkers etc. There is a balance that has to be struck at some point of stopping to refill that cup, to relax and recharge, so that you can do it all over again the next day. So your skincare is something that can be done at home and make you feel amazing. A seasonal change is a perfect time to take a look at your current routine and revamp for the upcoming holidays and the cold weather.

I had the opportunity to visit an expert and get some advice on a beauty routine specifically designed for my skin and for this time of year. A friend of mine sent me to Lucerne at the Kasana Wellness Center, where I met with the owner, Katja Block, who is specialized in medical beauty and matrix rhythm therapy and has graduated as a CIDESCO beauty therapist (CIDESCO is an international beauty therapy association representing the highest standards of aesthetics in more than 30 countries. The CIDESCO Diploma is the world’s most prestigious qualifications in the field of aesthetics and beauty therapy).

As we started talking about seasonal changes Katja recommended that anyone who is willing and committed to taking a conscious step towards changing their skin condition and vitality needs to first do a skin diagnostic test that shows the skin hydration and sebum levels.  As with weight loss goals, if you want to get results you have to identify a starting point and work from there.


For Katja the key to a healthy skin is getting yourself a monthly facial that cleanses and nourishes the surface. Have you ever noticed your hair feels so different after an expert hairdresser washes and styles it? They are able to come at it from angles you just cannot on your own and they have practice with all types of hair. Well, so does your face. A good facial resets your skin clock, cleanses the surface so that can soak up more of what you put on it, and can relieve stress.

As a single mother of two boys, Katja knows very well how busy and demanding a mum’s life can get, but she truly recommends that every woman needs to make and schedule time in her month for a special SPA day. Katja believes that beauty should be nurtured and cared about. People feel that respect we have for our own body and soul and they treat us with the same respect and attention. For super busy moms, however, Katja has created a separate treatment plan that can fit any needs.

Another piece of advice, of course, is drinking plenty of water.  I know that is not groundbreaking new news, but I love little reminders.  And if water gets boring to you, there are lots of nice wintery warm teas with cinnamon, nutmeg, and holiday spice. It will help your skin condition and health and your body will love you for it.

When it comes to a healthy skin, you can’t buy a new one says Katja, this is why she offers her clients the best quality by using Swiss-made luxurious skincare. The Luxe Organic Vetia Floris skincare line is inspired by the rarest alpine flowers grown closest to heaven that have healing and caring properties. Some examples of ingredients throughout the line include macadamia nut oil, babassu oil, rose hip oil, cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, shea butter just to name a few.

Having a morning and night beauty ritual (Katja likes using that word instead of routine) is something Katja highly recommends and has been doing for years. Did I mention her skin is amazing?!  The products smell divine and can ignite the senses, relax the body, and prepare us for a busy day ahead or a hopefully uninterrupted REM.


Katja Block manages at the moment two beauty salons – one in Lucerne and another one in Bern. The Lucerne location offers one bonus though: a consultation with Dr. Alexander Fuchs in case you want to go deeper into skin renewal and repair. They both suggest helping the top layer of the skin as well as the inside layers as we age and the cellular turnover slows.  Dr. Fuchs suggests micro needling, radio frequency, meso gun, and hydrocaulonic injections as some of the best and safely proven effective ways of skin renewal.

Both Katja and Dr Fuchs stand by their mission “Aesthetics meets ethics”.  They have created an environment for men and women to relax, heal, pamper, and transform their skin so that their innermost genuine self can shine through.  Are you ready to shine this holiday season, despite the blustery temps? Give a present to your face.