Every time I reach out to wear my white blazer I can see my husband’s eyebrows reach new heights with surprise, because you know I am a mom of a 5 and a 3-year old…Yet, there is nothing that can stop me from wearing a white blazer and skinny jeans when spring colours get surreal.

And if you think this pairing is meant only on casual days think again. With so many different kinds of jeans, blazers and accessories the jeans / blazer style fits almost every occasion. You can opt for a sporty look, a feminine and sexy look or even get formal one (think of indigo straight legs jeans and a black or nude pump). You can choose skinny jeans, flares, ripped jeans or even print jeans. Shoes can also add up to your look and play it down or dress it up.

For someone as busy as me, whose schedule is cramped with daily house chores, taking the kids to crèche in the morning, formal meetings, photo shoots and ending up with the occasional evening event, for me the white blazer can easily take you from a work event (with satin shorts and pumps) to a GNO (with a silky tank and leather skinnies) to the weekend (with a casual tank and trousers) and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For years now my favourite combo is a pair of pumps (could be green, red, blue, black or nude) and vintage jeans with a white tank top and white blazer. To upgrade your look this season choose from the new trend accessories: the Céline Bucket Biker Shoulder Bag. Or for a splash of colour try adding a bit of a playful attitude by tying a colourful scarf around your wrist instead of using it the traditional way around your neck.

Another dress up idea I had recently is wearing my long white tuxedo blazer with a dove grey tulle skirt and a pair of powder rose ballerinas.

I love the crisp jacket because it never goes out of style. I think every woman should have it in her wardrobe as an evergreen combination that’s incredibly versatile.

Tulle Skirt Lida Noba Design

White Tux Blazer H&M

Silver Throat Pump Zara

Vintage Jeans Levi’s 

Logo T-shirt Levi’s

Bra Fleur of England

White Throat Pump ASOS

Tropic Heat Dew Stick Kiko Milano

Tropic Heat Blush Kiko Milano