What Mums in Heels wear this spring: The Denim Edit

By |Published On: March 14th, 2019|

I don’t really know mums who don’t wear jeans. And not only they wear them out of comfort, but because they love jeans and because they look sexy in them. It’s hard not to love jeans. Besides today jeans are made in more than 50 shades of blue and there are designs that flatter any body shape.   I personally love wearing jeans in spring. I take it as an act of playfulness and liberation; it represents a more laid-back attitude and relaxed mood that is settling right after winter, when the sun stays longer at the horizon and we peel off those layers of restrictive clothing. 

I love denim because it looks so effortless and spontaneous. It is versatile and super easy to pull together. It can look boyish but also edgy and sexy, and it is not that complicated to transform it into a polished look with just the right blazer. 

This year, the key to nailing the look is getting the wash right. I am investing in acid wash and ironed indigo, which I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve been following me on Instagram. Wearing head-to-toe denim has become my fave thing. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the traditional onesie — instead, I like to mix and match different denim pieces. And lately I’ve bought two denim dresses, which I just can’t get enough of. 

It’s not just me who finds denim perfect for the modern mom lifestyle. The other day, a friend and fellow working mama mentioned over a brief mint tea that she owns at least 10 denim jackets. She had one of them on that day, paired with a leather skirt which I found so chic. I myself own quite a lot of denim and even a pair of denim slippers. 

The good news is that denim is hardly ever out of style. As I mentioned, this spring, focus on choosing the right wash and don’t forget to have fun when you mix and match. This year’s denim look is light, easy vintage washes that don’t feel forced.

Take a look at my favourite looks:

denim acid wash

Denim Skirt Acid Wash Zara

Denim Jacket Zara

Jeans Levi’s Ribcage

Blue Blazer Esprit

Denim Dress La Redoute, Quynh Bui Collection

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