Autumn’s kick-off can bring a little panic and hustle into every woman’s wardrobe. We all love summer and want to hold on to it for longer, and then it appears we are never ready for fall. When the first rainy days arrive and the temperature drops below 20°C, we start panicking that we have “nothing to wear”. 

But before rushing to Zara for a quick fix, I suggest you dig out from the bottom of your wardrobe all your fall pieces from previous years. Lay them all out and figure out what is still relevant to your lifestyle, body shape, and even the mood you are in this new season (maybe you are changing jobs, partner, the country you live in, or simply feel more confident because of all the female empowerment talk happening at work).

I know a lot of women say they don’t care about trends, but none of us actually wants to look boring, outdated, and old-fashioned. And there is a way to liven up even the most boring sweater or ordinary-looking blazer in your wardrobe by adding a new-season accessory: a cool pair of shoes, a scarf, or a piece of jewelry.

However I will share with you my formula when it comes to editing my style every new season. It’s quite simple: I keep buying my favourite pieces in different colours and textures. For example I love blazers, I wear them all year long and they are perfect for my lifestyle. I love pleated skirts as well and somehow fashion designers keep re-inventing them in different shapes, colours and new exciting fabrics.

The point is know what your signature is, the one thing you really love, it could be a colour, a silhouette or even a texture and find new ways of wearing it. It’s important to stay true to your style but to grow and evolve, to be curious and innovate.

When it comes to autumn in particular: this is the perfect time to introduce changes to your wardrobe and re-think your image. What does what I wear say about me, my values, interests, and who I am? 

When you know who you are, you can easily figure out what you want and what you need. Then you can find where they sell it!

As a big fan of emerging talents in fashion and particularly designers with unique aesthetic perspectives I always like to go to Fred Segal in Zurich, owned by Globus. What resonates with me is not just their selection of clothes, but their overall approach to fashion, design, and lifestyle. I love the way they curate their store, promoting a creative culture that has exploded into an intensely dynamic hub of art, innovative fashion and design, and, of course, their laid-back approach to luxury.

Today, I am showing you some of my favourite designers from Fred Segal Zurich and three autumn/winter looks I fell in love with!

Andersson Bell autumn outfits

Casually confident with Andersson Bell

Wool blazers have become a wardrobe staple for me ever since I moved to Switzerland. They seem like the best transition piece that I can wear with almost everything in my wardrobe. As a big fan of pleated skirts and leather pants, I have mastered pairing those with my wool blazers for almost any occasion: parent meetings, casual workdays, and even going out for drinks with friends. Plus, blazers have become so popular in the last few years as part of power suiting and as a symbol of female empowerment.

What I particularly like about this wool blazer from Seoul-based concept label Andersson Bell is that it has an asymmetric hemline and two different colours and fabrics in it. One half is woven in a classic houndstooth, the other in a subtle heritage check which matches the overlay on the Marcia skirt I am wearing. The skirt, on the other hand, combines slate-grey pressed satin folds with a swishy, asymmetric hem. I love how classy and yet far from boring that look is. (for more similar skirts like that check my Instagram, where you can find a lot of similar aesthetic) A must-have masterpiece!

Fall outfit Andersson Bell

Fall Outfit Ideas, Andersson Bell

Fall Outfit Ideas, Andersson Bell

Andersson Bell, fall Outfit ideas

Fall Outfit Ideas, Andersson Bell

Fall Outfit Ideas, Andersson Bell

Fall Outfit Ideas

Manhattan or Zurich, be yourself no matter where you are

Those who follow my style diaries on Instagram will know one of my signature styles is wearing chunky knits with pleated or satin skirts and knee-high boots. I have to say, I love chic and boho vibes and, for the moment, I don’t plan on changing that look. Here I am using same formula to mix this green sweater from Rag & Bone with a Giamba pleated skirt and white boots. I love this sweater: the colour brings me hope in a time when a top priority for all of us needs to be Saving Our Planet.

At the same time, I chose to pair this classic and understated jumper with a bold statement piece from Giamba and a little trophy bag from CULT GAIA that’s so Carrie Bradshaw. I wanted to recreate the modern urban woman style; busy but fun, whether riding the tram, running for a taxi, or strolling in a Christian Dior t-shirt and tutu through the souks of Marrakesh.

Fall outfit Ideas Rag and Bone

Globus Fall outfit ideas

Fall Outfit Ideas

Fall Outfit accessories, Cult Gaia

Fall Outfit Ideas

Fall Outfit Ideas Globus

Extravagant and Edgy with Rodebjer and Proenza Schouler 

Since I am a big believer that style is a natural extension of who you are and it speaks tons about your character and how you do everything in life and business, I invited Christina Martynova, the Style Whisperer to share what she thinks of my third Fall Outfit idea and my personal style. You may already know Christina from our Instagram live videos or the interview we have done together. She interprets my look based on my Enneagram type:

Fall Outfit Rodebjer

Tsitaliya obviously dresses very much following her mood. That relates to her wing type 4. People who are type 4 dress to express themselves and how they feel. Some days they feel toned down, on other days they feel strong and this is reflected in their looks. The point is they are intuitive people and they dress to express following their intuition. 

Type 4 can create very interesting style combinations, they are creative people who like to mix and match, they like vintage pieces too. I see often vintage pieces and mix of prints, some unusual style combinations looking at Tsitaliya’s style on Instagram and in person. Tsitaliya dresses as a creative person who wants to express, to tell a story. That’s a manifestation of her wing type 4. 

At the same time Tsitaliya’s dominant type 3 likes to dress to impress and this type loves to wear the latest trends. But she still strives to look different and to bend fashion according to her needs and her vision in order not to look like everyone else. That’s again manifestation of type 4. 

Fall Outfit Globus

As for her choice of a puffy jacket, this silhouette is quite typical for type 8, which as a type that loves to be noticed, just like type 3. Considering that her husband dominant type is 8 she may have picked up from his intense and sturdy energy. 

This brings me to say that the style of none of us is a manifestation of only one type. There is a mix of types and we often are influenced by other types we are close friends with or in a long time partnership. However when we dress in something that is not authentic to who we are people immediately notice this. Sometimes we can’t say what’s exactly wrong, but it’s a feeling”. 

Fall outfit 2019

Danse Lente Bag

Fall Outfit Rodebjer

Bouse: a Favorite Swedish Brand Rodebjer

Skirt: Proenza Schouler

Bag: Danse Lente