The top fashion trends you can’t miss this summer

By |Published On: April 20th, 2019|

As you may have noticed, over here at Mums in Heels we kind of like fashion… a lot. And since summer is just around the corner, we decided to list some of our favourite trends this SS19. 

We’ve partnered with a friend and stylist from Milan, meeting and matching her opinion with what we’ve seen on Instagram lately. Because, as you might already know, most trends are born on Instagram, not on the runway… 

Alessandra, our guest stylist, will tell us all about this year’s spring trends. Images all selected by Mums in Heels. 

Alessandra Boaro, power dressing

Alessandra is the CEO and founder of Style for Success, a start-up aiming to support people and businesses in communicating through their image; to spread the culture of beauty aimed at achieving success; and to work with harmony, balance, and proportion. Alessandra lives and works in Milan, recognised as the main sartorial hub in Italy, with Rome and Florence being other major centres. She has prepared for Mums in Heels not only a recap of the main spring trends of 2019, but also her personal recommendations for how best to wear them! 

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” Edith Head

Over to Alessandra


One of my favourite trends this spring is yellow. Don’t miss it in your wardrobe! It’s a colour that, in its many different shades, can feel right for both blondes and brunettes. 

If you are the latter, don’t be afraid to choose bright yellow, especially for summer. It will look fabulous on tanned skin! Blondes with platinum or honey-coloured shades in their hair can use moody yellows to enhance those tones. 

If you are blonde, avoid a head-to-toe yellow outfit. Instead, choose a yellow t-shirt or blouse, mixing it with a pair of jeans or beige and caramel colour trousers. If you choose yellow trousers or a yellow skirt, match it with a nude or dark shirt (blue, black, grey, or silver); especially if you want to wear it at work. 

Cool down a yellow dress with metallic accessories (jewellery, bags, and shoes), or do the opposite: choose a black dress and show off lots of flashy yellow accessories. This year the rule is: The More The Better. 

Yellow fashion trend 2019

One last tip: take care with fluorescent yellow if you are blonde — it might be better to opt for a lemon, canary, or mustard yellow. 

I’m sure you’ll already know that each colour has a particular meaning and communicates something about us to others, at work and in our personal lives. Yellow is the colour of sun, gold, happiness, and fantasy; it raises joy and liveliness. It represents optimism, intelligence, vivacity, extroversion, and lightness. It refers to the radiance that awakens and gives warmth, expansion, and movement; freedom and self-development. 


The cyclists are back! We all know those tight-fitting shorts up to the knee: you either love them or hate them. But either way, this season they cannot be ignored. 

cyclist shorts fashion trend

They’re not for everyone, of course. But they can be chosen either as daywear or for the evening, combined with a formal jacket with a masculine cut. And on one thing we can all agree: the comfort that they give in the transition from office to gym is incomparable!


surf fashion trend

The sport on the crest of this spring’s wave will be surfing. Arm yourself with a table or, if physical activity is not for you, either a neoprene garment with a scuba effect or a t-shirt that echoes the atmosphere of endless Australian beaches. 

The surfer trend is not just a fashion mood, but a signal of the desire for adventure, freedom, and nomadism that seems to pervade our whole society. 


acid jeans trend fashion 2019
acid jeans fashion trend 19

Denim is an evergreen trend, but this time abandon dark jeans in favour of clear or very light ones. For a DIY approach, try bleaching jeans to make them almost white, and you will have a super trendy look — something reminiscent of the 80s, a vibe which is returning to catwalks all around the world. 


back to nature cinnamon trend
general store white summer dresses

After a season of “too much”, there is now a longing for normality, comfort, and naturalness in the air. Colours are borrowed from the earth, from sand, and from stone. Soft shapes. Simple volumes. There is the desire to feel good about ourselves and in harmony with what surrounds us, with our feet planted firmly on the ground. Many women will breathe a sigh of relief. 


The hippie look is back! All you need is a tie-dye t-shirt, the unmistakable design reminiscent of India and the 70s. 

The coolest thing? If you don’t want to buy it, you can do it at home.