The miracle morning

By |Published On: February 18th, 2016|

There is a saying in my mother tongue that you can judge the day by the morning. No matter or origins we all know that how you start your morning is most important for how you will feel throughout your whole day. Are you going to keep your hmmmm or you will lose it the minute someone tells you they don’t like your new haircut.

The thing is as much as I love mornings they are the hardest part of my day. I work late because it is the only chance I’ve got after my two kids are in bed, I often can’t calm my mind down way after midnight and I know it shouldn’t be that way, but I check my Instagram even after the light are off. If all was a perfect life….

So I (and aren’t we all) want to have that miracle morning every time when we start our days off right? If I am honest though, I can’t truly expect perfection and top form (body and mind working in synergy) every single day: meditate, recite my affirmations, go to the gym, dry brush and a healthy balanced breakfast (I’ve settled for a green smoothie that takes exactly 10 minutes to make if you know what you are doing).


My miracle morning happens in real when I can manage to wake up a little before everyone in the house is up, when there is an amazing quietness and serenity and kind of slow motion in everything. Then I can drink my lemon water in the darkness and quietness of the living room, take a look at the day before and plan on the day ahead of me. Then if it works I meditate and prepare my green juice in complete peace. For dessert on such mornings I would dry brush in the bathroom before my morning shower.

In such mornings I have the feeling I can really slow time down and feel every part of me. This is what really brings me joy and calmness for the day.

And before I finish my post I just wanted to bring back your attention to the dry brushing routine which so much grew on me in the past years thanks to my dedication and the immediate results I can see. 

I learned about dry brushing about 6 years ago when I went on my first detox retreat. The core of all dry brushing benefits is that it stimulates your lymphatic system, which is responsible for collecting, transporting to the blood and eliminating the waste our cells produce. Congested lymphatic system may lead to inflammations and illnesses. So what dry brushing does is that it normalizes your lymph flow and opens the pores plus it helps the cells and body in general remove waste. (IT also improves the appearance of cellulite). In fact dry brushing is so easy to incorporate in daily life and it feels great because it is so energizing (without going to the gym, a small trick I learned with time). Of course the best is to do it together with a sauna or steam, but I simply do it before my morning shower.

The trick is dedicating between 3 to 5 minutes and starting to brush at the feet upward toward the heart area. This is where the lymph system drains. The point is never harsh exfoliation so choose the right brash for yourself. I personally recommend the medium soft natural bristle brush.

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