The Lessons of 2014

By |Published On: December 29th, 2014|

Another year is over and there are many things I’ve learned, once again the hard way. You know I have this feeling lately, the most important lessons are taught in intense and hard realty. These are the lessons I will never forget. And speaking of unforgettable I wanted to look at the past year and bring up several things as a subject today: for example what’s my best investment of 2014; what’s my best Moment of the past year and what is the lesson I will never forget?

Best moment of 2014 is… well there are two best moments this year for me, only (not counting every time I get a kiss from my two year old son). One is when my daughter was born and second one is a Sunday in mid September, when my husband woke up from a life saving operation and 7-days induced koma. My life felt like it had a new beginning

What I learned this year? Eating early dinner can do really good to your overall health, and the way you feel the morning after. And in the meantime a few other lessons:

– getting enough sleep is crucial to the way a woman feels every day. When you sleep enough you feel wanted and loved

– you can’t have it all – being a good mum and wife, keeping a healthy lifestyle, keeping fit, having a hobby and working can be quite challenging

– you can’t do it all, hence learn to delegate and trust and let go of doing things your way

– having a big home and a fireplace is not bad after all

– life can really turn to be short and you have to make the best of it (if not this year, then try next and try hard)

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