The craziest thing you’ve ever done for beauty

By |Published On: December 20th, 2016|

by Becky Clifford

Beauty is all around us, if our eyes are open and looking for it. Sometimes we have other things to do that are more pressing like figuring out how to handle a little person tantrum or matching little people socks, but it is still there. It can be found. And as women, we have been revered for years as beautiful. It’s taken a lot of time and effort to prove we are more, to see we are more and to even believe it about ourselves. That we are funny, that we are intelligent, that we make great leaders, creators, future presidents??!! And sometimes the obsession with the outside can even plague us. It can keep us from being fully connected to the internal and its unspoken yet known impact on the external.

So here at Mums in Heels, we have decided self-acceptance comes from letting the guard down, being vulnerable, and sharing even the funniest of blunders. We all have them and they keep us laughing, smiling and positive. Can you think of a time you did something ridiculous in the name of beauty? Something you read about like a magic potion and then tried at home or some body part you had waxed that turned into weeks of sitting kinda funny? If you do, please share in the comments! Spread the joy of laughter.

And of course I couldn’t ask you to do this without sharing mine and well, I have a couple.

One happened during college break when I read this article about how to touch up your roots at home with some bleach, toothbrush, and foil. It sounded logical and easy. Not to mention like a great way to save some money. So I asked my friend Jen to help. Let’s just say when we were done I had this approximately two-inch strip running along my part of BLEACH BRIGHT WHITE hair. It was like a stripe across my head as if I was either a skunk or wearing a helmut. I remember coming home crying, sobbing hysterically and of course my poor dad tried to tell me I was still pretty. “Right dad!”. Then I had what I consider now an adult tantrum where I went on about not being able to leave the house anymore, my life coming to an end, and a variety of other things that came out of my mouth and in hindsight I admit they were quite vain. To imagine that my hair had such an impact on me and my self worth and not something like helping world peace. Anyways, I played with it upstairs and realized if I parted it differently I could cover up the blunder but I knew that wasn’t good enough. So, I went to my mom’s hair dresser whom whilst I love her, she decided the fix was to add low lights. Instead of fixing the condition, I left with the same white stripe with some dark streaks that looked like hair plugs coming out of it. This is when I knew I had to bring in the big guns. I got a recommendation from one of the guys I worked with at Banana Republic on where to go in Washington DC. After $350 and a visit to the city this gay man was able to fix me. I have always been intrigued by men that do hair. They have stepped outside the box. And when someone steps outside the box, they bring people with them and we all move forward. As I did that day and if I saw him today – I would kiss him!

Fast forward to just a couple months ago, this house frau thing has led me back to a time with limited funds and more time at home sparking my inner creator. I was starting to notice these wrinkles around my eyes and happened to read on the internet about turmeric being a great anti inflammatory and wrinkle reducer.   There was a recipe for an eye paste made out of ingredients that I had so I mean how could I not try it??? I rubbed the orange paste I had concocted all over both of my eyelids. I didn’t do a skin test first. I mean this wasn’t a for reals laboratory. I set a timer and waited for the magic.

Then I went to wash it off only to realize that it wasn’t coming off. I had a sheer moment of terror wondering if orange eye shadow would ever come into fashion or if I was again destined to live a life inside the home for eternity. I started yelling to Stan that I was stained and that I hoped he’d like orange. After being married so long, he didn’t even come running, he just continued what he was doing in the kitchen. Anyways I scrubbed and scrubbed and eventually it came off. My hands were orange and so were my contact lenses that I touched afterwards.

I can think of a few more like the time I got my eyebrows waxed and the lady took a chunk of one brow and I realized I now had something in common with Luke Perry from 90210.

Okay ladies, I hope these stories made you smile and I hope that smile lit your face up from the inside. BEAUTY is a 6 letter word that as a woman may seem like part of your self worth or identity or place in this world – it is the definition of it that you can change, that you can come up with, and that you can add color to. As Cydi Lauper says:

And I’ll see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow

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