Happy New Year everyone, I hope you feel good on the first and the second day (and so on) of this new year no matter the amount of units of alcohol and calories you’ve been worrying about over the holidays. It’s January and January every year means getting fit again, Detoxing and Juice Cleansing. Are you a fan. Me personally and honestly – not. I just learned over the past ten years that those kind of resolutions only make me feel more guilty, disappointed and unhappy with myself. So this year I’ve decided to take on a different approach. I mean I took the decision last year January and I actually kept it. NO more fast results and no more dieting, simple moderation in everything instead and if I had a bit more to eat one day, the next I would do an extra 20 min of work out or eat just less. It could mean that I think of doing something more fun so I can forget about eating. So I’ve been focusing on other pleasures than food. The result is more books and magazines being read, more playing outside with the kids, more attention to my skin and hair paid, more walks and baths taken, more friends…actually so many more things. And another thing I’ve learned to enjoy is keeping fit without spending hours in the gym. 10 min of jumping jacks or burpees, two sets of 20 crunches and squats before dinner can get your heart rate up. On the days when I feel like exercising and I have more time, then I indulge in a long run along the lake or more of the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis.

As for the time around Christmas, I just kept myself busy baking healthy biscuit recipes or guilt-free desserts, as well as building snowmen, ice-skating and fighting snowballs or just playing Old Maid and building puzzles by the fireplace with the kids.
This however did not keep me away from some serious shopping binge. In fact I am thinking the more happy I am with my size, the more I am allured into buying new dresses and jeans. Speaking of jeans this New Year I’ve finally bought a Victoria Beckham pair of skinny jeans. They arrived on the morning when I just had two slices of chocolate cake. No I don’t regret the cake, it is the best ever (Thank you Dave for bringing it home), I only think the delivery guy brought them on the wrong day. However they put me back on track with more ideas how to dress up for some future partying. I hope you know Christmas was not your last chance to have fun. It is something you can have every day even though it is not marked in the calendar as a fun-day (Holy Day). Do your own marketing in that sense and pump up the volume of your favourite song. As a friend of mind says you can always dance on the living room floor at home.