Tsitaliya Mircheva
Founder and Mums in the highest heels
Hi, my name is Tsitaliya and I am addicted to creating compelling stories for people, brands, life. I believe stories can make a change to the world, they make people listen, they have a lasting effect on others. I am also committed to portraying and honouring women who are trailblazing, pioneering and role modelling for younger generations of girls in all fields. What I an trying with Mums in Heels is to create a positive change for womankind – from mothers who help instil positive messages and confidence in their daughters to women in business who are breaking down barriers and female talent that smashes Read More
Anna Streule
Editor in Chief and Head of Research
  Dear reader, I am Anna, a tall, (sometimes) blonde, Swede, a mother of two young boys and the wife of an even taller, English, cyclist. When Tsitaliya asked me.. Let me rephrase that, when Tsitaliya allowed me to be part of her wonderful blog I jumped at the chance. I have been sneakily interested in Tsitaliya and her work from the moment I heard she worked in fashion. What? Fashion? Here? In Switzerland? And she is not even Swiss? I was more than a little bit intrigued. And impressed. Cutting to the chase, I’ve always felt the world of Read More
Becky Clifford
Content Editor and Wellness Writer
  Hi. I’m Becky. I heart cappuccinos with cloud -like froth, the feeling I get after a really amazing yoga class, fresh air, Christmas music, mascara names like “Doll Eyes”, and most recently, the Swiss Alps. And I also LOVE to write.   I am a mommy to a female toddler and strive everyday to be the best ME I can be. When I met Anna and Tsitaliya, there was something about them and the idea of Mums in Heels that resonated with me and I was delighted to become a part of such an amazing team. I was a financial Read More
Andreas Caplazi
Camera, Music and Video Producer
I am Andi, soon to become 40, the father of two beautiful children, a music and video producer. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been in the smart company of women. So to me it feels natural to be part of the Mums in Heels team where I can bring in a really different point of view and opinion. What I like so much about Mums in Heels is the team and our projects, which always are very interesting and exciting. Every time we find smart and powerful female characters, who are great inspiration to many. I like the Read More
MIH Title
  I’m Lucy, originally from Hampshire in England. I love dogs, tea, and being outside (mostly), and am thrilled to be part of a team that celebrates strong, capable women. Tsitaliya’s drive and her passion for this project were evident from the moment I met her. And why shouldn’t she be passionate? Mums in Heels is unapologetically promoting positivity and providing a supportive space for women who do stuff: they care; they create; they push boundaries. And that, in my opinion, is something to be excited about.