The F* word

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Friends are the family that you choose yourself (#Friendship) They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I´d say they are right. The only thing is though, that sometimes you don´t know the people in said village, [...]

The lies we tell….

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“Hey how are you?” “I'm good thanks, I´m really fine.” Really now, how many times have you told your friends this without meaning it? Not only have you not meant it, it has been a complete lie? You are not [...]

The Beauty and the Stylist

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By Tsitaliya Mircheva Photography German Osorio Jiménez I get the question about styling and how we translate our stories on Mums in Heels into pictures, almost every week. Why do you dress someone a certain way? or How do you [...]

I don’t Know How She Does It

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by Anna Streule   I can’t have been the only person asking the “what does she do all day?” question to the stay-at-home mum. Then I had my own children. Now I know. Emerging from the haze that is the [...]

Superwoman or just a human

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There was a time when our mothers wanted to become superwomen, independent multitaskers in a constant pursuing of perfection at the roles they thought a woman is meant to fulfill. Never ever did they dare think of fulfilling their [...]