The dark side of following your dreams

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Just because I have made my dream into a job doesn’t mean it is all glitz and glam (follow me on my Instagram feed). Running Mums in Heels is 90 percent pure joy, excitement, and learning. The other 10 percent is [...]

The F* word

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Friends are the family that you choose yourself (#Friendship) They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I´d say they are right. The only thing is though, that sometimes you don´t know the people in said village, [...]

Powerful women, Iconic moms

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Anna on Iconic Women: At Mums in Heels, we love our female icons. Actually, we adore them! Our icons are part of our zeitgeist village of grown-up girls where we re-write the rules of motherhood, self-love, and luxury style. [...]