Age does not define who you can be

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by Sherry Kallergis /  Photography Simon Armstrong Age may define who you are but it doesn’t define who you can be. Zuhal Kuvan-Mills is living proof. At 26 she was a veterinarian, 36 a science teacher, 46 an art student and [...]


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By Becky Clifford / Photography Elizabeth D'Alessandro One thing that I think helps in this magnificent union of “mum” and “entrepreneur” thing is the process of creating a positive support system around you. You don’t even have to be both. We [...]

Powerful women, Iconic moms

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Anna on Iconic Women: At Mums in Heels, we love our female icons. Actually, we adore them! Our icons are part of our zeitgeist village of grown-up girls where we re-write the rules of motherhood, self-love, and luxury style. [...]