The Globaltrotter in Heels Part 2

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Idea Tsitaliya Mircheva  /  Styling Style-Etc.   /   Photography Ruth Hofmann Two years after her son was born, Marion and her husband decided to move back to Zurich. “We often discussed returning to Europe, but at the end it was my husband’s [...]

The perfect genetic speciment

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Interview with Aracelis Colon By Tsitaliya Mircheva Styling and accessories Kathy Patellis-Schmidt Styling and Direction Tsitaliya Mircheva  Shelly is one of the few women I know who is closest to perfection, but this is not what I admire her for. [...]

Christmas food issues

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The closer we get to the Christmas time the more I keep hearing my friends complaining and worrying about the holiday food temptations, the filling cooked meals, the bread, the fat and the white sugar hidden in mum’s traditional dishes [...]