Happiness and the act of dressing up

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by Tsitaliya Mircheva Lisa is wearing Sara Schlumpf Couture Photography by German Osorio Jiménez There is so much clutter and noise in fashion today that it is really hard to hear out your own desires and the basic need to [...]

The promise of a morning cup of coffee

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When I think of my bad habits on a good day I can be very snobbish and narcissistic. I kind of think that without my flaws I’ll be loosing part of my charm, part of my irresistible contradictory and complicated [...]

Essentiel Antwerp lands in Zurich

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Every adventure needs love and passion to grow and become successful. In this case we have two family businesses that made women fall in love with their clothing lines and grew from small adventures into fluent brands. The first one, [...]

The miracle morning

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There is a saying in my mother tongue that you can judge the day by the morning. No matter or origins we all know that how you start your morning is most important for how you will feel throughout your [...]

To Buy or not to Buy

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You know what Lauren Hutton once said: "Fashion is what you're offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose." Yet I keep asking myself how much is style built upon a woman’s sense of fashion [...]

Let’s have some play time

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When was the last time you met an airplane engineer? It’s surely even rarer to find one who has also launched a fashion label and is dabbling in doll design… This story no matter how extraordinary is, happens on [...]

Baby, it’s cold and dark outside

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  This post is not about the next It-bag or pair of shoes. It's not about sales as well, but sometimes even a fashion blogger, no matter how light-hearted and easy might look, may experience the post-Christmas blues, or something [...]

Irina Engelke from FASHIONAMBIT

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I am sure you often ask yourselves how does a day in the life of a fashion blogger look like. It all depends on the sub-question if blogging is making your living. If it is, then pretty much it [...]

All that jazz

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I know you may wonder what has this title to do with pearls….bear with me. There’s a beautiful story about a five year old girl who wanted a string of white pearls in a pink foil box for a dollar [...]