Art and Searching for the Answers of Life

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Interview with Roshi Khalilian There is an amazing power in art and I am not referring to its visual beauty or its grandeur.   It’s greatest power is in the way it communicates with people, the way it reaches to the [...]

What’s your one word theme for 2017

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I recently read a story about a 60-year old woman walking into a store to buy shoes. After some time being offered by the 20- something sales girl platform shoes and high heel pumps, she turned and tapped the girl [...]

The perfect genetic speciment

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Interview with Aracelis Colon By Tsitaliya Mircheva Styling and accessories Kathy Patellis-Schmidt Styling and Direction Tsitaliya Mircheva  Shelly is one of the few women I know who is closest to perfection, but this is not what I admire her for. [...]