Master your self talk to master your life

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You want to know how to like and even love yourself first? Start mastering the self-talk.   I am one of those people who can very easily talk themselves into and out of an idea. Very often I can get stuck [...]

The Wedding Guest Fashion Season

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by Farah Al Hoyidy The wedding bells are ringing and the latest Spring 2018 collection is here …. this only means one thing, DRESS HUNTUNG! So let the parties begin but keep calm, because I will be bringing you the [...]

Age does not define who you can be

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by Sherry Kallergis /  Photography Simon Armstrong Age may define who you are but it doesn’t define who you can be. Zuhal Kuvan-Mills is living proof. At 26 she was a veterinarian, 36 a science teacher, 46 an art student and [...]

It-bags and It-status

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Courtesy to A woman’s relationship to her bag is almost the same as a man’s fixation on watches and cars. It is all related to status and self esteem. Some say it is about expressing identity and it certainly [...]

Are Superfoods a Supermyth

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by Tsitaliya Mircheva There’s no official scientific definition of what a superfood is, but it’s generally accepted that superfoods contain high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, providing us with lots of energy, protecting our bodies from cell damage and [...]

The perfect genetic speciment

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Interview with Aracelis Colon By Tsitaliya Mircheva Styling and accessories Kathy Patellis-Schmidt Styling and Direction Tsitaliya Mircheva  Shelly is one of the few women I know who is closest to perfection, but this is not what I admire her for. [...]