The Ultimate Age Stop Strategy after 35

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My favourite writer of all times once said: “I don’t believe in ageing, I believe in forever altering one’s aspect to the sun”. I don’t know whether this sentence makes much sense to the modern woman of our time who [...]

Age does not define who you can be

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by Sherry Kallergis /  Photography Simon Armstrong Age may define who you are but it doesn’t define who you can be. Zuhal Kuvan-Mills is living proof. At 26 she was a veterinarian, 36 a science teacher, 46 an art student and [...]

What’s your one word theme for 2017

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I recently read a story about a 60-year old woman walking into a store to buy shoes. After some time being offered by the 20- something sales girl platform shoes and high heel pumps, she turned and tapped the girl [...]

Iconic Winter Drinks to Try this Season

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Part of the Iconic living we so often talk about here at Mums in Heels is all about living a life where we feel inspired, confident, and thriving. One where we choose what feels right for us everyday, not for [...]