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By |Published On: June 18th, 2015|

You know what they say about the beginning of your day. It is really important how you will start. Well I have my little rituals in my little world and I this morning one of these ritual brought me another piece of joy which I wanted to share.

I usually (when I can) like to start my days slow and to read a good story that somehow sets its spell on me for the whole day. This morning I was imprisoned by …. words. Deep and candid those words were written by a favourite novelist and journalist, Andrew O’Hagan, who is playing a tribute to another amazing author and journalist, and contemporary icon – Joan Didion – in the Porter magazine (I know…. this is a Fashion magazine). In his beautifully written story his words struck me so deeply that I could not live the day without sharing it with you, here they are:

STYLE, we are reminded, is the sum total of your devotion to making life a LITTLE MORE PERFECT, A LITTLE MORE LIVED. And that to me is Joan Didion. At 80 years old she has the same beautiful talent she always had, except now her voice is that of a necessary angel. She is the coolest writer on the planet, with a tonic intelligence that not only helps readers to fully inhabit their lives but which dignifies our times.”

Andrew O’Hagan about Joan Didion in the Porter magazine.
Griffin Dunne, Joan Didion’s nephew and actor is currently working on a movie about her life.

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