Summer Storms and Fashion Thunders

By |Published On: April 15th, 2014|

The anticipation of summer is already in the air and women are revamping their wardrobes with the new pieces of the season. There is though a special kind of woman who stands out from the pack, the one who is aware of the fashion trends but has the talent to create her own unique look, mixing seasonal trends high and low, vintage and modern. Such woman is like a chameleon, she is not afraid to experiment and look different every day, staying true to her own style. With exactly that kind of a woman in mind, Style Diaries is organizing this spring a Pop Up Shop with several Bulgarian fashion and accessory designers who have been on our style radar for some time. The idea came because of the strong fashion current of mixing bold, ethnic-inspired designs and using symbols and stories in the sartorial language of international designers from African, Asian and Eastern European cultures.

More and more fashion designers use these days their work as a cultural translator and a means of bridging cultures. They look for ways to re-connect with their cultural heritage transforming it into an emotional and sensual philosophy.

Our Pop Up shop will take place in Zug and Zurich. Both events are sponsored by POUSHE Strudelhaus, a catering company owned by a Bulgarian who together with her three daughters makes the most delicious Bulgarian traditional food in Switzerland.

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About the Author: Tsitaliya Mircheva

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