Three stress-relief rituals that can pick up every exhausted mama

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A note from Tsitaliya: We women are living in very exciting times at the moment; big changes are happening and a lot of opportunities are coming our way. But at the same time our lives have become extremely busy and stressful. Our to-do lists are growing longer than ever and we feel the desire to excel at everything — from parenting, work, and relationships to finding a purpose and meaning in life, all while doing something that aligns with our values. All that stress and pressure brings us exhaustion and burn out. So what can we do?   

We often seem to lack the time and energy to DO and BE everything we want. So I asked Angela Ramel, a friend and Holistic Empowerment Coach for women, to share some of her sacred practices and revitalising rituals. How can tired mums regain that spark, feel more vibrant, and start believing a little more in our own powers and potential? Here are Angela’s three stress-relief rituals that can pick you u as soon as you start practicing them…

Angela Ramel, Holistic Empowerment Coach for Women:

For me, the key to feeling more alive and energetic throughout the day is to focus on your inner pleasure. What does this mean? I see so many women who are ashamed and afraid to feel pleasure, often struggling with beliefs they have held onto since childhood. But this inner struggle and denial of our human nature depletes us of precious energy.

I used to feel tired all the time. Even preparing breakfast for my kids or hanging up the laundry felt overwhelming, let alone building a business, going to the gym, or just going out to meet friends.

By creating new rituals and committing to doing them every day, I managed to cultivate respect for my own inner pleasure. I suddenly started enjoying my life and not feeling ashamed. That’s when my energy levels started soaring.

“If only I was better, more educated, prettier, more interesting, more intelligent…” 

“If only I had more money, a better partner, more or less children, more time…”

How many of you recognise this kind of self-talk? This talk will tire you more and make you feel more miserable about your life. 

The practises I will share with you are not about making you whole or perfect. You already are perfect.
These practices are about awakening! 

Holistic Empowerment coach for women

1. The Morning Ritual 

This is done every morning ideally right when you wake up and before you get out of bed. Choose your force and pick just ONE core force. What is it?`What do you choose to feel, to see, to experience today? Love, Self-Love, Abundance, Money, Health, Seduction, Energy, Faith, Surrender, Beauty, Success, Power, Strength, Compassion, Purity, Sex. FOCUS ON YOUR CORE FORCE ENERGY! 

And treat your body like a temple. Self-massage, caress or tap your body from tip to toe telling yourself: “MY BODY IS A SACRED TEMPLE”

2. Sacred Movement Process 

Sacred movement is all about letting your body lead you and understanding contraction and negative or stuck energy in your womb, breasts, ovaries, vagina, cervix, belly or hips. This practise can be done at any time of the day when you feel stuck, tired or spend too much time in your head. 

Put on some happy music, close your eyes and let one of these body parts that may be still covered with some shame and guilt, lead you. 

Practicing sacred movement is possible during Yoga practise, walking in nature or in the shower. Beside conscious breathing this embodiment practice is one of my favourite which helps you get out of your head and mind, and focus on your body. 

3. Say YES to pleasure 

Choose one thing in your day that brings you pleasure, do it every day and say “YES, YES, YES, YES” during your experience. Let it sink in and give in to it. Here are some pleasure activities to consider: 

Drinking coffee or tea, eating chocolate, washing your hair, self-pleasure.

For the latter I suggest that you create a self-pleasure space and you spend 5 mins every day doing breast massage and saying “YES, YES, YES” 

If you have a Yoni egg, integrate the Yoni egg practise into your daily routine. Practicing with Yoni Egg is like yoga for your vagina, which is a thousand  year old practise. Plus remember that your vagina is a sacred temple of creative energy in the body.

If you want to find out more about my rituals, if you are ready to go deeper into unleashing your sensual pleasure, soul purpose and sexy power, I invite you to join me in my upcoming luxury retreat for women: THE GODDESS GLOW RETREAT! 

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