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Four years ago I started a fashion blog with the very genuine need and urge to understand and share the psychology, theory and philosophy of fashion. For me clothes have never been just made to cover the body, the way I dress is about telling a story, it is part of my identity. In other words I’ve been trying to intellectualize fashion.

In this process I evolved and became a mother, a little bit of a photographer and more of a searcher and adventurer. I learned that imperfection is a captivating and charming mix of vulnerability, innocence and making mistakes. This turned me in a bolder version of who I used to be and game the courage to start producing my own series of online short films with the humble ambition to tell and share women’s stories of success, overcoming life hurdles and living a life on purpose. The rest is history.

Style Diaries grew into Mums in Heels, one of the film series I was working on, and it became so big, with so much potential that I couldn’t help it but encourage the process of its own growth and direction. I only hope it will keep evolving with your amazing help and feed- back! As for the name, how did I come up with that name and why Mums in Heels, here’s the story:

Our story

On a windy dry day in Kitwe, Zambia, I stopped my car to put some fuel in the trunk. The boys usually would show me from far if they had gas supply that day or not. Today I was lucky. Climbing off the step of my Cherokee I heard the boy say: How much today Mamma.

I went red and angry. “I am not a mama, I am a madam and why are you calling me a mama, how dare you etc. “

He looked at me innocent and puzzled…”But madam, here in Africa we call a woman mama in a sense of great respect and adoration. If you are a mum, you are a goddess, you can carry the world on your shoulders.”

I didn’t answer but years after that event I keep remembering the boy at the gas station and his puzzled look, his words and … what a great power lives within us women. It still feels almost unbearable to listen to women complain about their weight, the shape of their nose, their husbands, finding excuses about what stops them from being and feeling amazing?

My personal motivation to do Mums in Heels and the well of my energy lay within my need to experience and share authentic beauty and talent. My spirit always searches for some higher, philosophical sense, for context. My heart wants to always hear and feel a great story. All that creates amazing emotions, experiences, memories, thoughts and pleasure that have nothing to do with the material world.

Another motivating factor was that I always wanted to create my own content and put myself into it. I couldn’t stand the pressure that someone else would want me to play a role in their dream and expect me to be a certain way. This is how Mums in Heels was born and I never felt more empowered as I am today.