Four years ago I started a fashion blog with the very genuine need and urge to understand and share the psychology, theory and philosophy of fashion. Sounds ambitious …and complicated, right. It says it all about who I am. Ha ha, but the truth is that for me clothes have never been meant just to cover the body. I always loved the process of dressing, the way I imagine my day spent in that dress, what I would do, how I would move…there are levels to the experience of ordinary events into your life…. and at the end of every day I realise I am what I wear. And just before I started being too boring in my poor attempts to intellectualize fashion, a few things happened in my life….I became  mum, first time, second, even three times. And I started asking myself other questions, such as why do I still care about what I wear when I should be focused only on my kids…? Does that make me a super superficial woman?

I was afraid to admit that I still cared about fashion even when I became a mom and that I found even more comfort and peace into the moment when I was alone fantasising about my dresses…Then I met other women like me, who were obsessed about other things and becoming a mother didn’t make them change their lives forever. They were the same, just with a little different routine and priorities…This is how I learned that I can’t live with myself if I had to become someone else…someone other were expecting of me. I learned to live and own my imperfection, and I saw it as a captivating and charming mix of vulnerability, innocence and not being able to grow up.

This is when I did my first movie an then the second one, and then another one which was never published. I wanted light and easy films, but with exciting colourful narrative that sneak peak into the lives of real women and modern urban moms who are so kick as and inspiring that you can’t resist but become their stalker…This is the woman who inspires you to live your best version and not compromise with your potential…

This is how Style Diaries grew into Mums in Heels, a blogazine for smart and daring moms who want to learn how to take ownership of their life and become their best version, taking charge of their personal image and the relationship they have with themselves.

Here is more of our story

On a windy dry day in Kitwe, Zambia, I stopped my car to put some fuel in the trunk. The boys usually would show me from far if they had gas supply that day or not. Today I was lucky. Climbing off the step of my Cherokee I heard the boy say: How much today Mamma.

I went red and angry. “I am not a mama, I am a madam and why are you calling me a mama, how dare you etc. “

He looked at me innocent and puzzled…”But madam, here in Africa we call a woman mama in a sense of great respect and adoration. If you are a mum, you are a goddess, you can carry the world on your shoulders.”

I didn’t answer but years after that event I keep remembering the boy at the gas station and his puzzled look, his words and … what a great power lives within us women. It still feels almost unbearable to listen to women complain about their weight, the shape of their nose, their husbands, finding excuses about what stops them from being and feeling amazing?