by Becky Clifford

This past Friday after a long hard work week flying solo as an expat mum, I decided to treat myself to a sound meditation given by a fabulous yoga teacher and friend of mine, Michaela Diamanti. If you are wondering what sound meditation is – it is a tradition that dates back MANY MANY years where sounds are produced using singing bowls and these soothing tunes relax the body and help it into a meditative state with the ultimate goal being healing and in time, enlightenment.

Now, I don’t know about you but a lot of the sounds of motherhood send me into the opposite of a meditative state. Actually some days it sends me into a screaming rage where I actually think I have lost my marbles and there is no patience in me that understands why because we lost a playball tattoo that we have to scream about it at such a decibel. The shrilly cries and unhappy pleas strike a chord within my body that often leads to tenseness and that tenseness can overtime create hormonal havoc in the body. I think that is why I was so excited for these bowls to sing to my heart and relax every muscle and fiber of my being allowing me to reconnect with my soul and my inner peace, even for just an hour.  And all I had to do was show up, lie there, and let the sound in.

And I was not to be disappointed. As I walked out of my flat, I had some second thoughts as to attending. I was actually feeling exhausted and it was rainy and part of me wanted to curl up on the couch with a book. As I arrived and laid down with my head closest to the bowls, I still wasn’t relaxed. But within about 10 minutes I was able to zone out and slowly relax into a blissful peaceful state of meditation. Each bowl represents a chakra. If you study yoga, you will have heard of the 7 chakras of the body all corresponding to a certain region of the body and a color. When one is out of balance it can throw another or all out of balance leading to all kinds of inner disturbances. As the bowls were played, I could feel these vibrations within my body. It was as if every cell inside of me was dancing. It was as if any blockages created by all the tenseness were being cleared and lifted. The only thing I can compare it to for those who have never tried it, is floating in the ocean. That weightlessness where bones and body parts are no longer and you feel this fluidity inside, this peace, and this beautiful dance of just being alive. Thoughts clear and I am free in this space. I felt these small undulations in my hands as if they were dancing.

Every part of me was grateful for the experience and I highly recommend it to mums. We are often the peace keepers so the more ways I can find to reset myself, the better!

Try out some meditation sound beats for free here.