Where we offer custom creative solutions for burgeoning and big brands that want to build an iconic online image, to advertise and engage our global audience of modern women and moms.

The latest statistics show that moms are the primary decision makers, influencing $2.4 trillion in annual spending. This buying power represents the power of reaching, speaking to, and connecting with our audience.

What’s an Iconic Image:

As consumers, we have reached a threshold. We’re tired of being sold a false ideal. Unrealistic, glossy advertising is losing its luster.

We’re grown wise to the supernatural abilities of airbrushing and photoshopping, tools that routinely distort reality in front of our very eyes. We know we’ll never be as beautiful as the models in certain photos, because even they don’t really look like that. In our digital world, technology has made nearly anything possible—but as we’ve come to know in the industries of celebrity, fashion and beauty, it can go too far. Marketing can be nothing more than an empty illusion.

And people are tired of it. We are tired of it.


Ushering in a breath of fresh air are the Mums in Heels image consultants:

CREATE: We help companies build long-term successful relationships with their clients by creating an irresistible authentic online image that retains the notion of attainable inspiration. We like to include your customer in your image, not alienate her (him). We cast your customer and her friends – real women – as models and representatives for your image campaigns and stories

CONNECT: We help brands and companies with a strong backbone of vision to connect with their ideal clients on a personal level, by creating strong impressions and making lasting connections through powerful story telling

COMMUNICATE: We help brands engage their ideal clients by crafting stories, images, and visual campaigns for social media that their customer will want to share, forward, comment on, or otherwise interact with. Providing your customers with engaging content online opens up a dialogue with your brand, and improves the opportunity for you to build a stronger relationship in the long-term.


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