Sabine Van T Hart
Founder of Puricious

I am so happy I met Tsitalyia and decided to work together. She helped tremendously to make me look at my business from a total different perspective, so we can identify that uniqueness that makes my business different than others. She really knows how to present a story in pictures and through words as well, and she made me understand better how I can express my brand story though visual images. My brand is now not only what I do, but also how I act and how I think, is a reflection of myself.

I strongly recommend to work with Tsitalyia if you are struggling to make your voice heard and want to have a strong brand story behind you to support your business decisions and help you reach the right audience. She is very dedicated to her clients and turns the experience of working together into a meaningful and exciting discovery journey.

Thank you Tsitalyia for your deep knowledge and experience. Looking forward to working with you again.

Andreea Stanescu, Founder and CEO, Top the Cake 



Tsitaliya is an amazing writer and story-teller, she wrote my About Page and Brand Story and she managed to capture my philosophy immediately. It was such a relief for me. Someone finally gets me, I thought. I had several of my clients after that who told me they booked my services only because they related totally with what they read in my story. Tsitaliya took the simple facts of my life and transformed them into a beautiful story.

After that I hired her to do my Social Media, narrowing down everything I do to one headline and a main message that I can use addressing my clients. It took about a month till we figured out what response we expect from people and the needs I am addressing, the problem that I solve for my customers. Then I just saw it happen, everyone was talking about what I do and everyone wanted to try my services. Suddenly everyone was reading my posts and reacting, engaging, people were totally in love with my visuals, the pictures I posted, they started writing comments and clicking through my website to check what I offer.

People started seeing me finally as a professional stylist and Tsitaliya managed to communicate it in a very subtle and elegant way, tuning into my life philosophy.

Kathy Pattelis-Schmidt, Founder and CEO, Style Etc. Boutique

Before starting to work with Tsitaliya I never thought that branding could be of such importance for my business success. Tsitaliya revised my story and through the first interview with her we brought clarity on my values, my visions and what I wanted to realise in my work. Tsitaliya showed me how my professional and life expertise differentiates me from my competition how I could position my company on the market.
Together with her team we’ve developed my company’s name, logo, tagline and website, something I would have never been able to do in such a short time without her by my side.
Tsitaliya has also worked on my social media strategy and this has been a very new experience to me that pushed me out of my comfort zone, but its’ exactly what you expect from a coach: they extract the best out of you and bring you to the next level in order for you to thrive in what you’re the best at!
Thank you Tsitaliya for everything you taught me and for the great work done together!

Catherine Schöpfer, Strive and Thrive