The new summer sustainable fashion and the art of telling a story through style

By |Published On: June 1st, 2022|
Ines Kelly, By Adushka, Nina Leuca

I often get asked how I find inspiration and clues to write stories on my blog, Instagram posts and for my photoshoots. Without a doubt there are many answers to that, but as someone who’s worked in fashion for long, I’ve honed my skills to use clothes as a communication tool that helps me express and embody who I am and who I strive to be. In today’s story I will demonstrate how I use clothes to speak up, using the new summer sustainable fashion from  By Adushka collection.

All images courtesy to Elisa Hutter

For this summer story I’ve invited Ines Kelly, a dear friend, a mum and creativepreneur, who’s talents as a  human design reader, astrologer, shamanic healer and ceremonialist have made her so popular in my Mums in Heels community through you probably know already if you’ve been watching my Instagram lives or reading By Adushka Lifestyle Journal.

We arrive at the By Adushka showroom on an unusually hot and humid afternoon in May. The photographer is here with her two daughters, the three month old Matilda and Fedora, who’s job today is to babysit. My daughter is here too, playing with Karin’s dog Maxi. Karin Kämpf, the founder of By Adushka pulls out some wine and Italian made sweets. We all feel at home here.

Ines and I chose three new summer styles and we head out for our first story. We chose to shoot one part of our story by the river, which for me represents the various challenges of life and is a symbol of constant movement and change. Ines on the other hand, represents for me the calm and inner balance in the middle of change, in the middle of the strong stream of the water and during a time of turbulence and storms. She always teaches me and others how to return to ourselves, to reconnect with what’s is inside and remain calm in the face of change and challenges.

the new summer sustainable dresses

As a healer and Human design Reader, Ines guides women on that journey towards the inside, recognising and honouring your own truths and values, learning to live in alignment with what matters personally for you. Analysing your birth chart, Ines guides women through the challenges of their life experiences, understanding their strengths and weaknesses better and learning how to accept their limitations. The results are powerful. Women start to live who they are without shame and guilt, with more intention and self-confidence.

To communicate that aspect of Ines work, we chose to dress Ines and myself in Santa Lupita dresses, from the HEALERS collection which for me represents hope and the power of human being to self-heal.  The HEALERS Collection was inspired by the search for balance, inner peace and healing, arising through challenging times. The return to nature, the emerging quest for “slower” and “more meaningful” lifestyle, the need to introspect and discover what really matters.

Finally you can see Ines and me going by the river bank, helping each other on the way, holding hands to pass the slippery parts of the way. That support we offer to one another remains a central and essential part of both of our work .

New summer sustainable fashion By Adushka

“I love things that age well – things that don’t date, that stand the test of time and that become living examples of the absolute best.”