The new luxury or does age really matter

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I don’t know about you but whenever I hear that age is just a state of mind I get kind of irritated. This is not because I am afraid of ageing or because I have lost my beautiful young body. In fact, most of my friends say I still look like a girl, but I feel that this good news is just half of the story.

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Sure, ageing is different than it was a generation or two ago and there are more possibilities now than ever before, if only because we live so much longer. And yet it is not about living longer or looking younger. The simple fact is that our bodies and lives change with age from inside out and by understanding, being aware, well informed and proactive, we can change the way we feel about getting old.

There are so many myths around exercise, food and stress, which might be true, but the fact is that we can’t stop getting old. However what we can do is learn to manage our bodies better with diet, exercise and sleep. This makes sense even to doctors who emphasize staying practical and when facing a real problem, that we should turn to traditional medicineToday it seems people are buying into feeling good about aging well. They spend a lot (!) of money and time on expensive body treatments and learning about superfoods, buying organic, locally produced food, juicing and cleansing, rather than purchasing bigger cars, vintage Chanel bags or key rings covered in a logo.

Today we are trying to find our own definition of luxury by searching for ways to make our lives better (even if we have to hire a spiritual guru to help us figure out why we are here). In brand-terminology, they call it the “luxury for one’s selfie.”

Interestingly enough there was a time when no one liked to talk about how they smoothed their cellulite or battled their wrinkles, anti-aging was a well-kept secret. Now we tweet about it – having a #spaday or applying a sheet #collagenmask has become just as much a status symbol as posting a photograph of a new purse.

What makes all this even more of a luxury is the time involved in all this self-care. If in a week, you carve out six hours to work out, seven hours to cook healthy meals, two hours for sheet masks or massages and meditation, that’s a lot of time to devote to the purification of the Self. And that’s on the low end of things since I am skipping the logistics. What am I supposed to do when I have a job, a husband and two young children to raise?

If you ask people what they consider the biggest luxury today there will be a variety of answers but these days very few people will say “buying a yacht”. The answers vary from: time offline, traveling, spending time in silence, hiring a business mentor or being able to follow your dream.

I’ll leave the final verdict to you, but I am curious to hear what you are thinking about the new luxury of our century? Please send us your thoughts per email or simply write in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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