Mom. Nurturer. Boss lady. How to build a thriving Personal Brand

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Women have often downplayed their roles in society, but not anymore. Today women are the real game-changers and they make the new rules in business and society. It’s time to cultivate an attitude of success and a thriving personal brand. You can be the loving mom at home and the Kick A** boss in the office. Here’s how to dominate AND work well with others:

Build Your Brand

If you’re a busy mom juggling family life and a career, then your plate is always full, but parenting isn’t a setback. You can make it a setup to your success by finding your personal brand. Cultivating a personal brand can help you achieve your goals and dominate with purpose and intention.

Maybe you want to make a career change, go back to school, start a business or expand an existing business. Because you have specific goals along with raising your family, you can capitalize on motherhood to build your brand.

Capitalize on Your Name

Forbes suggests viewing your brand as the footprint you leave behind. To cultivate it, reflect on how you want people to identify you by your name. Your brand can increase your ROI as your business grows.

To build personal brand equity:

  • Build your brand on social media
  • Add value when you post online and share experiences
  • Start a blog and share your success stories and failures, too
  • Set up a personal website and add a resume or bio with stories and images
  • Encourage yourself often – You can achieve greatness!

The amalgamation is like an algorithm that cultivates your brand. You can turn chaos into inspiration or new inventions as you build a following.

While some moms think they have to compromise and give up careers they love, building your brand showcases how you made it possible as you combine what you love to help others achieve it. So that Cheerio stuck in your hair? It’s okay. We all have gone through similar experiences!

But don’t let this stop you.

Connect with Other Mumpreneurs

“It’s easier when you have people who believe in you and can help you with what you don’t know or don’t have.” Tsitaliya Mircheva, Mums in Heels

Work and home commitments require a lot. Just ask any mom who is nursing a baby and working on spreadsheets, or a mom trying to raise twins and taking online classes.

To help you build your personal brand, link up with like-minded entrepreneurial moms or mumpreneurs who can share your passion and help you deal with the demands of a busy life. Instead of backing down from the business, own it. Set schedules to balance the chaos and reward yourself – often!

Avoid People Who Don’t Identify With You

At the office, in your community, and at home, surround yourself with like-minded people who want to help you. You’re the Kick A** one putting out the fires. You’re the achiever. Your critics, on the other hand, are usually the people who couldn’t get it done and can’t see how you can. Avoid anyone who thrives on trying to make others look bad. Bullying should never be tolerated.

“There is nothing I love more than a fierce, fabulous, and down-to-earth woman”, Girl Code, Cara Alwill Leyba

Being a mumpreneur might not be easy and you might have lots of busy days, but when you think of the possibilities and believe anything is achievable, you can do it!

Want help with your Personal Brand Transformation?

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