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Maternity chic

With the risk of stating the obvious, I’ll start this article by saying that pregnancy changes the body and mind of a woman in an uncontrollable way. It leaves you wondering if you will ever be the same again. From someone who´s been there and done that, the answer is yes, it will just take time (oh, and a bit of effort. And the fact your body might not be exactly the same as before – still good, but maybe a bit different.)

After the fist couple of months when your baby bump starts showing and your waist gets fuller you may think yo need to buy some new clothes soon and change your daily wear as soon as possible. In one way you want to hide, in another you want to say to the world I am not getting fat, I am going to have a baby. The problem is once you set foot in a maternity shop you either start buying as if you will be pregnant for the rest of your life or you leave revolted and confused about how you are going live in the next nine months wearing clothes that make you look like a baby elephant. The truth is there are women who handle maternity with incredible nonchalance. You want to know how?

What is really important to start with is that you need to stay true to your style.

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to start wearing floral patterns and bold colors if you are a monochrome lover. Sticking to your style and simply adapting it to your new body shape is the first step to looking amazing during your pregnancy, and more importantly, looking and feeling like yourself.

Just remember patterns make your shape look slimmer and flatter your body, simple stripes are also a very good choice. My advice is as long as your clothes fit, refrain from buying maternity wear. Keep your jeans on and a stripe top with a coral necklace or a sparkly broche if you want to distract the attention from your bump.

Unless you want to play it hide and seek:

Stripe dress maternity chic

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Add a pair of white sneakers

You can’t thank the fashion world enough for making sneakers so trendy and stylish these days, so that when you cannot handle wearing heels anymore, you can put on a pair of white sneakers to feel comfortable and still be so on trend.

Tunics and Vintage smock dresses

Many brands have become quite savvy creating “investment” pieces designed to live long beyond pregnancy – and be worn by people who are not pregnant at all. Think of boho chic tunics, kimono style outerwear and vintage smock dresses. They can be worn even in colder months with tights and knee high boots or rock chic buckle up ankle boots.

ASOS and Anna Sui Vintage silk dress


ASOS Vintage Smock Dress and Anna Sui Vintage Dress

Take it easy

If you still want to buy something maternity like then choose a billowy jersey knit swing dress which you can wear even in the office with a statement necklace and heels, or out to brunch with a pair of sandals. In autumn style it up with some fringed booties and a scarf.


Another easy and stylish way to put together an outfit without much thinking is the classic jumpsuit. Whether you choose denim, black or colour, jumpsuits are versatile and slimming; roomy and with stretchy mid-section that lets your belly breathe. You can combine it with a blouse or a tank top.

My favourite jumpsuits are by HATCH, who make chic timeless pieces always with a nod to current trends. You can wear them ever after your baby arrives without awkward moments.

HATCH jumpsuit

HATCH Jumpsuit

Keep it together. Find a buttoned-up dress

This is my favourite look for moms to be. I just love the attitude of this look because the buttoned-up dress exudes confidence and real style even if you wear it with a pair of sneakers. Accessorize with a colourful belt just above your baby bump or a silk scarf wrapped around your wrist. You may find this dress very useful post-pregnancy, since it’s so easy for breastfeeding moms.


Maternity shirt dresses

Blush and Bloom Shirt dress & Isabella Oliver Maternity Dress

Hold me tight

The wrap up dress silhouette is an old classic and when it is a patterned one it can be very discreet about your growing baby bump. Wrap dresses will flow around your belly and give it room. Moreover, they are ideal for breastfeeding moms. Now is the time to invest in a DVF signature dress. You can keep it forever.

DVF New Julian Wrap up dress

DVF Wrap Up dress

The body-con stretch dress and tube skirt

Another maternity classic that fits every style and can stay with you for much longer than nine months is the body con stretchy dress ruching around your waist. Its greatest benefit is comfort plus it exudes confidence. With a stretchy pencil skirt you can go to work and add a cool blazer and some chunky accessory.

Isabella Oliver body con dress

Isabella Oliver body con dress

Recommended brands for beyond pregnancy fashion: COS, Hatch, ASOS

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