by Sandra Cobaine

Founder of Best For the Kids

Is it possible to make your kids smarter? I grew up in a time when intelligence was considered to be part of your genes. Yet my father used to tell me that if I study and work hard I can develop my “smart genes”. I always believed that when you nurture your thinking, when you feed your brain and give it more and more exercise, just like any muscle, it will grow and develop.

Recently asked Sandra Cobain, the founder of Best for the Kids and a child psychologist to share with us her latest research on “the intelligence genes”. Based on that Sandra created an extensive infographic that can be used as a guide for every family on how to raise smart kids. We hope it helps you in your daily routine with your children!

  1. Allow your kids to make mistakes. If you yell at them every time they make a mistake they will shy away from taking risks
  2. Don’t praise your kids smartness. You should praise their efforts instead of their smartness
  3. Don’t answer their questions right away.  If you feel that there is an opportunity to help them learn something and promote problem solving ability, ask them to use different resources to find out the answer on their own. Teach them how to use encyclopedia and other learning tools.
  4. Take them to a museum. Visiting museums proves to be a great learning experience for kids. Looking at art stimulates kids’ creativity and need to express themselves in different ways.
  5. Be a smart role model for your kids. Live healthy, focus on self-improvement, serve others, have self-control, and have a positive attitude towards life. So, walk the talk and set a good example for them.

See Sandra’s infographic & read the rest of the article here