The point of a style upgrade isn’t to become vainer or to spend more time fussing over what to wear. Instead, use it as an opportunity to reduce decision fatigue. Pick a uniform that resonates with your authentic persona but at the same time is aligned with your professional and life goals. Check what you already have in your wardrobe and ask a stylist what else would you need. Buy all your clothes at once with a stylist instead of shopping alone, one article of clothing at a time.

This is not the reason why I asked Kathy Patellis-Schmidt from Style-Etc. to do my end-of-summer closet. I just wanted to get rid of some sentimental items that no longer represented the person I have become.

Well, she did it, just took away two bags full of clothes and I feel so much better now. Then Kathy did my whole closet space and by arranging all the clothes on separate hangers so I can actually see them and I don’t end up being stuck in old shopping habits (you know the same ripped jeans which I’ve bought at least 10 times till now). In the end, Kathy put together a few signature-looks for me and told me to stick to these, especially when I am leaving the house in a hurry.

Needless to say how less complicated mornings look to me especially after I have dressed two fussy kids for kindergarten and need to leave the house myself in the blink of an eye.