Happiness and the act of dressing up

By |Published On: May 8th, 2016|

Lisa is wearing Sara Schlumpf Couture

Photography by German Osorio Jiménez

There is so much clutter and noise in fashion today that it is really hard to hear out your own desires and the basic need to feel more attractive and pretty. Clothes are meant to compliment us, to go beyond the first look, to create an impression and somehow make our character stand out. This is where the true magical power of clothes lies. But how is mass production communicating each woman’s unique strengths and talents, I have no idea?

In the genuine search for authentic beauty Mums in Heels have been creating and telling stories about women, wearing clothes that make them feel exactly the woman they are or the least – feel at their best. In this process we’ve been surprised to discover how much limiting beliefs women hold about who they are and how they look. It’s been so empowering to be actually able to help women discover their true nature through experimenting and trying out new things they would never have dared putting on.

Today we are introducing you one of our inspiring mums, wearing heels, riding a bike and simply spending time with herself in the old town of Zug.

We truly hope you see the stunning resemblance between Lisa Christen sensual energy and womanly curves with Bridget Bardot sexy attitude and iconic beauty.

We met Lisa while she was a marketing consultant so it’s been interesting to see the change in her enthusiasm and passion for her new role. Today she is a Lifestyle Design coach who helps people to design a life they LOVE.

What made her change the gear on her career and why did she do it, let’s find out from her.

I suffered – depressed, miserable, hopeless, and alone – for two long, hard years after I moved to Switzerland. I hated feeling so confined here, with narrow rules that needed to be followed and watchful neighbors to enforce any breach. I hated the unfriendliness and the blatant dislike of American foreigners. And I hated that everything I had worked so hard to achieve in my old life in the US was worth nothing here. I didn’t see how I could ever come to love living here but I was married to the (Swiss) man of my dreams and we couldn’t leave. I had to accept that this was all there was to life.

Or did I? After those two intense years of living here, one event transformed the way I approached my life in Switzerland; I found out I was pregnant. To be responsible for the life of another person is quite jarring. It was a wake-up call. I wanted to make sure that I could give my daughter everything in this world that would possibly help her to be happy and to achieve her dreams. What lessons about life did she need to know? What values were important to teach her? I wanted to prepare her to take on all the beauty and joy and pain and suffering that a great life would offer her.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this and somewhere along the way realized something important: much more than words, actions are what affect children the most. I recognized that in order to be the mom I wanted to be, I had to be the woman I wanted my daughter to become. I had to, for my baby, find a way to live the big, happy, fulfilling life that I wanted for her.

And that’s when it clicked for me — I’ve been living my life in Switzerland all wrong! When I came here, I tried to take the same things that had made me happy in the US and make them work in Switzerland. Newsflash: you can’t put a round peg through a square hole. You can’t always use old solutions to solve new problems. I needed to consider what happiness and a new life in Switzerland would look like and I needed to figure out how to make that happen. In other words, I needed to define and design the life I wanted to live here.


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About the Author: Tsitaliya Mircheva

Tsitaliya is a writer and fashion journalist for more than 20 years. She founded Mums in Heels 10 years ago and keeps growing and evolving together with her community or fashionable mums and responsible consumers. Fashion and Wellness are her most favourite topics to write about.