I am sure you often ask yourselves how does a day in the life of a fashion blogger look like. It all depends on the sub-question if blogging is making your living. If it is, then pretty much it is just like any other job. Starting your day with social media, emails, projects, meetings….creative time when you really need to be alone and a very cosmopolitan combinative thinking. From time to time it gets really glamorous (and adventurous depending on the location) when you do shootings or videos or advertisements and then you are suddenly surrounded by those angles who take care of you and transform you into a (modern) princess and create a myth or a fairy story around you….

Then there’s really dark times when you get to think you just can’t go on, you you are tired of re-inventing and re-telling fashion, it is all the same season after season and you are getting bored to death. Basically you hit creative bottoms.

Because I get to be asked so much about my day and what exactly is blogging about, I decided to start asking different bloggers about their work/passion and daily routine.

I am so excited to introduce you our first blogger: Irina Engelke from the FASHIONAMBIT. We chose to feature Irina because we love her expressive and charged style and fashionable presence. She chose to show two of her favourite outfits this season and we chose one from hers as well (yea, most of the time you do a lot of choosing in fashion)…

Parka Parke 2 Fashionambit

Irina lives and works in Germany and has her own agency for social media SMMAGENCY where she offers workshops consulting on how to use social media to get your business in the direction you want.

Irina studied Business Administration and worked as a consultant in process optimization. Because fashion was her passion for many years she started her blog the FASHIONAMBIT two years ago and a new carrier as stylist and personal shopper at www.style-me-unique.com

Style Diaries: When did you start blogging and why?

Irina: 2013 was the start of the blog and I was just for fun to show the world my style. After 3 months I took a job as a consultant and unfortunately needed to stop with the blog. In 2015 then I decided to go for my own business as a stylist and personal shopper and re-launched my blog.

Style Diaries: How would you describe your style?

Irina: I don’t really have a particular style – I just love experimenting, showing some edge or elegance. I always think that your style is a way to express your feelings. I’m a very complex person so is my style 🙂

Style Diaries: What makes and keeps you excited about fashion?

Irina: This is just love and passion! If you love something or somebody there is no special thing about them you just love it. I would say fashion is just my love.

Style Diaries: How do you think you are different from the rest of the fashion blogging crowd?

Irina: I don’t really think that I’m very different. Every blogger has her/his own style and way. I only give my best in every look and stay true to myself.


Style Diaries: What blogs do you read yourself?  Your fashion icon?

Irina: Of course I read the popular international blogs as Kayture but I also like to look at blogs from my city or from Germany.

I don’t have a fashion icon – for me fashion is something that comes from within and you need to feel yourself confident and love the things your wear. So I just wear clothes that I like with no attention to the thoughts of others.

Style Diaries: Can you describe a day in your life?

Irina: Usually my day starts at 6am and ends at 11pm. I start the day always with a healthy breakfast and then Instagram 🙂 by posting and commenting, then I answer my emails have some meetings during the day. Go for an hour to the gym and in the evening if I have no events I watch movie series and then go to bed. Just a normal day as for many others

Style Diaries: What makes you turn your head after a woman?

Irina: Her real beauty – it could be a beautiful face, shiny hair or a nice sporty body.

Style Diaries: Current obsession?

Irina: I’m always obsessed with shoes – I can’t have enough every season.

Style Diaries: Are you a shopaholic?

Irina: I like shopping, but I’m always buying complete looks and clothes I really need.

Style Diaries: In the sea of fashion labels and designers what attracts you to a particular piece of clothing or accessory?

Irina: I think if you have your own sense of style you will always find something for you in every brand. But I like some extravagant pieces and new designers.

Style Diaries: Would you say you are a social media addict?

Irina: No, I’m not 🙂  its a part of my job. I own a social media agency www.smmagency.de 

Style Diaries: What are your favourite social media channels? Why?

Irina: For now it’s Instagram – it’s easy to use and you can reach very fast your audience with only one picture. I think pictures say so much more than words.

Style Diaries: What’s your dream, where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time?

Irina: As many of us I would like to be successful in the things I start and do. In 5 to 10 years I have a profitable company and a lovely family with children.

Summer for Cruise

Coat and shorts

Despite the dropping temperatures here in Europe, we chose that last look as an inspiration for your CRUISE collections 2016 shopping, or simply to prepare you for a trip somewhere warm, even if it is in your dreams. Because fashion is a journey…and an adventure. Would you wear that look in your dreams too?

Top and shorts DA+PP, Coat COS