The Iconic Branding Method

The goal of our Iconic Branding Method is to help you accelerate your business with style, imagination and spirited wisdom. We will help you create a high-impact brand message and a signature visual identity, which will attract your ideal clients and make you irresistible to them.

Together we work to achieve first clarity and then craft a plan with a consistent message and focus.


Every branding journey starts with getting to know you and your business really well. We look at your values, your vision, your strengths, your passions and experience, we develop a storyboard together to define your captivating and world-class brand ID.

Then we research your ideal customer and your competition. We discover your keywords and your unique value points (brand USP). Based on that we provide you with guidelines for eliciting the emotions most valued by your target audience so you can build more valuable, long-term relationships.

The next phase is about telling your story and developing a plan to share it. At this point, we also look at your brand colours, logo and brand identity. We work with several talented graphic designers handpicked by our boutique because of their signature sophisticated and elegant style.

Finally, we discuss and define the purpose of your brand and your online communication strategy including your visual voice.


The Mums in Heels brand strategies approach is influenced by the soulful branding mindset and our background in fashion. We think like an author, composer, movie producer and fashion editor, but also as a provocateur and cultural activist. We use branding as a medium to deliver provocative information that both responds to and also triggers innate and authentic human identity needs, not trivial or destructive ones.

The point is that you don’t have to waste time and energy hunting for the perfect fit for your brand graphic designer, web developer, photographer and copywriter, waiting for months with a coming soon page, leaving money on the table.

As your brand strategist, chief story-teller and precious idea digger, we will work together to create a consistent and honest brand with sophisticated elegance and sweeping energy.

Together with my design team, we will transform the strategies, the story and the visuals into a captivating website and logo, so your ideal client can feel and find you immediately.




Tell your story.

It is or job to give your customers a story to tell

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Personalize your brand.

Personalize your brand

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Give your brand a motion.

Give your brand a motion.

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