I don’t know how she does it

By |Published On: May 25th, 2017|

When we were choosing the topic for my video with L’Oréal Switzerland, I immediately thought of exactly that title because … I keep hearing it from friends and people I don’t even know. But then I thought about all the ridiculous situations I find myself in all the time: I am always late even for important meetings, I forget parents meetings, I send emails to the wrong recipients, I miss trains, I put my nail polish in the car, I forget my keys, lose my phones…

So I decided this is the story I should tell: coming back from a long day of meetings and glamorous photo shoots, feeling full of myself for what I have done, only to find out I have locked myself out or left my phone back at the coffee shop where we had lunch…Of course, I hate when that happens because I always have one last plan for the evening for me…to collapse on the couch and sip champagne before the kids are back with daddy.

But imagine, even in the mornings when we get into the elevator before taking my kids to a creche, they would ask me whether I have everything: my phone, my keys, my computer, even my swimsuit because the last time we went swimming I forgot that too.

So these are the realities of my life, but instead of me break down and cry, I like to keep it cool and laugh loud at these situations later with my family. I just don’t want to become too serious about my life and myself. Because girls, at the end of the day a touch of lipstick does make the day look better. It kinds of make us keep our sh* together and focus on what’s important.

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