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It’s December, the season of stress; one of the most frantic and fussy times of the year. Considering most of us have been working at full speed since the summer holidays without a break; considering we want to close this year with all boxes checked and all goals achieved, we may already be feeling pretty run down.

But that’s not all. When we add to tiredness the pressure to be social, to be happy, to participate in all our kids’ activities, most of us may feel like canceling Christmas… The stress accumulates when we don’t get enough sleep, we spend more time around the table with food and extra alcohol, we get less fresh air and not much exercise. I don’t need to tell you how bad stress is for our health! No wonder people become vulnerable to depression and burnout after the holidays.

But what can we do? How can a busy mum with a never-ending to-do list stop stressing and worrying about everything — especially before Christmas?

Well, as a start, remember that the holiday stress will pass, and that you need to maintain a strong sense of self. You need to breathe, control your food and alcohol intake, and get out of the house often. All easy-peasy, right? I wish….

Well, we will give you this idea of something radical to do: Take a day off! Rest your cape! Shut down everything, take a break even from being a mum, run away from the house and spend a day at the SPA or at a hotel ALONE. Leave your phone, books, and computer at home. You will be surprised how easy it is, and how the world is still whole and the rest of the family keep it together even without you!

You are the only person responsible for your wellbeing and you must take care of yourself in order to feel good, so you can make those around you feel good too.

When you start feeling irritable, tired, and restless, pay attention and take a break.

Here is what I did just a week ago to get out of my head, my house, my office, and do something different. This little something immediately raised my vibrations and energy again!

  1. I booked Elemis Biotec facial at my fave beauty place, Pure Beauty Spa.
  2. I had a makeup and blow-dry session at Schminkbar.
  3. I spent two hours with a personal stylist and private shopper at Globus, who helped me organise my wardrobe for the holidays and saved me the stress and hassle of deciding what to wear.

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The Facial by Pure Beauty SPA 

My treatment started with makeup removal using the prayer movement, which immediately prepares you for relaxation. Next, we decided to go for ultrasonic exfoliation, which unclogs pores, stimulates cell turnover, and prepares the skin for the next step — the application of Activator Serum and Amber Balm. Both are meant to boost tissue formation and the generation of collagen. They also protect the skin from moisture loss and free radicals and improve elastin structure.

Then, I chose my favourite treatment: microcurrent lifting, which, unlike Botox, stimulates the facial muscles and makes them tighter and stronger. Microcurrent lifting is awesome for lifting the muscles and de-puffing the face, along with fluid-draining and contour-enhancing side effects.

We finished with a Hyla Active Mask — an innovative cloth mask that delivers potent hydration and repair for stronger and more resilient-feeling skin.

Shanon, my beauty therapist, decided to add a galvanic facial at the end, which uses a medium-amperage direct current to stimulate skin cells, soften skin, and drive the ingredients of the serum and mask deep into the layers of the skin. She also used red and blue light for an anti-ageing and calming effect. When I looked in the mirror, my skin looked as if I’d just come back from a two-week yoga retreat.

Hair and Makeup

Next on my list was Schminkbar. I visited Schminkbar to get my hair done and learn how to maintain an effortless look during the holidays. I am really not good with my hair and I don’t even know how to hold a hair straightener, so I desperately needed help. Michelle did my makeup and my hair and also taught me a few tricks for achieving great hair at home. We drank house tea with honey and lemon, and then off I went to Globus for my Holiday Wardrobe Styling.

The Wardrobe 

Arriving at Globus Fred Segal I found Rowena waiting for me dressed in an impeccable black suit, wearing her signature red lipstick and her blond hair falling over her shoulders in perfectly done curls. No need to say how much I get inspired every time I see her looking so put-together, exuding confidence and irresistible charisma.

Rowena already knows me well enough and she’s got a good idea of my personal style. I’ve told her that I have about six occasions to go to and I need six outfits. She’s got 7 ready for me.

You can see the full day and styling session in our You Tube video!

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